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  1. I search the https://etherscan.io/tx/0x6da5b25c502c562dff76a63577bdcc351c03c5f0caed3fca719d0d1276eadacf, and it shows there are no such transaction, any one can help?
  2. DEAR enej, I have the same problem, my eth is 13 hours missing, and i have sent private letter to u, can u check it. tx hash: 6DA5B25C502C562DFF76A63577BDCC351C03C5F0CAED3FCA719D0D1276EADACF
  3. It have been more than 12 hours, @gregor @enej @gatehub can anyone help me, thank u very much
  4. @gregor @enej I am a chinese user, so the time is not the same as USA time, can u help check my eth? Tx hash: 6DA5B25C502C562DFF76A63577BDCC351C03C5F0CAED3FCA719D0D1276EADACF thank you very much.
  5. I have withdraw 4.234 eth about 5 hours ago, but I still don't receive it until now, can anyone help me?
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