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  1. I will write another post ...it seems make effects xrp increased lol ?
  2. If I wrote that Joel Katz said that it will be always stable the xrp PRICE at 0.25 is not what I MEAN. i am saying that they want the price stable that is different so now is 0.25 for a period than it will be a little more for another period than it will arrive also to 1 usd but it will take more then I would like (asap) this is to reply to @Hodor @JoelKatz @R8102V1D2D that are the only that i mentioned in this post. Best p.s. delete it if you think that is not correct
  3. Agree with you 0.25 was a dream on April 29...then ok wow...but now? let's rock a little bit... many of you will leave xrp at 1usd i wil remain here I was in at 0.10 with 65000 xrp... so..I would really hope to have more than 1usd ...
  4. OK I AGREE but tell me... why no one investing in? Look at the chart Last 3 weeks...is stable ...soo weird for me.. i think that it will be a little up time by time...until 1usd...that's it.. but it will take time...they will give us a little bit of water till that time... hope I am wrong ..hope to see xrp to 2/3 usd dollar asap
  5. And BY WHO? 1) No one is investing on it 2) PRICE always stable average 0.25 3) all others cryptos move except XRP let's see FACTS HOPE I AM WRONG Cause I am IN
  6. Life is made on facts not by opinion opinions are personal and they need to be respected also if are not yours. I want to be WRONG...4th time that I wrote it... i am here for make money, for a good investment --> but time is a parameter they all of us consider
  7. Thank you for your suggestion i will evaluate this opportunity
  8. I HAVE A LOT (for me ) of XRP I LOVE RIPPLE PROJECT AND IF GROW TO 10usd I will be rich BUT I HAVE TO SEE AND READ BETWEEN THE LINES OF MANY JOELS POST be positive is my life stule but also BE REALISTIC AND SEE LAST 3 weeks facts and all xrp history trend
  9. I don't' accuse no one...this you wrote... i am just saying that yes ...they have instruments to have it in averege like they want they have to show it to the banks If you want make money xrp is not here for that...is a long long investment ...if you buy now... x4 in 1 year may be
  10. I already reply...average now is 0.25 so stable then a little bit up --> they give us some water when they see us desperate... then desert again and the time frame is very very slow thats what I see ...since 3 weeks to now... then I repeat i want to BE WRONG but I want see faxts And is for FACTS NOT ...
  11. When you are not able to reply with something valid you always say fud or put on ignore or trolls HOW OLD ARE YOU? 16?
  12. I already reply - I am not saying that it will be forever at 0.25 i am saying that is stable at 0.25 average ... and then it will go up but slow to the NEXT STEP THAT IS DECIDED BY RIPPLE NOT BY THE MARKET!!!
  13. For now it will be 0.25 for a while so stable then they will let xrp up a little bit... and it will be like that but very slowly Time for me is 1 year to 1usd..they are very slow but I want to be WRONG
  14. Fine, they care about ripple... i am just saying that for me 1usd will be not this year ...unfortunately...they stabilize price at 0.25 then may be ..a little more...and so on until 1...when they will want.. is a long but very long investments that if you come in now...may be you will see x4 in 1 year.. just this...and trust me i want really to be WRONG
  15. I understand why Joel wrote I am just saying that for me it will take more time that what we expect....to see 1usd..they have different first target ..
  16. Hi All please read the attachment - coming from reddit chat by @JoelKatz he doesn't speaks directly regarding the future of XRP price - he wrote that they want it stable 0.25$ (that is righ now) as strategies - but he is not saying nothing about 1) when and at what price can go (realistic in 1 year from now) it seems to me that by reading his post that out XRP will remain at 0.25$ for a long long time. for me the max that they will do...just to not lose US...it will be to let the price increase a little bit more...the same that happened on may...may be by the end of 2017...--> to 0.40 $. they are not here for satisfy US like the others coin...or with the same time line --> they are there for THEM for their JOB their vision and mission also with the BANKS. XRP VALUE GROW is not SOMETHING that comes first for RIPPLE TOP MANAGEMENT. is also written here. soo... @Hodor or @R8102V1D2D I think that there is a lot of time between 0.25 now and 1usd...may be 1 year and a half. And last...if is like that...10usd value it never will be...In the next 5 years Please correct me if I am wrong... with right comments not with generic phrases that i understand @JoelKatz can say...except in one post when he replied to @Hodor saying that 20usd or more is not possible...
  17. Look ...wake up in the morning and Market up but not on eth ...or xrp or btc...most on litecoin and small others
  18. Your answer may open to....many years from now...with many if...
  19. Hi All, I think is important to understand in order to also have an idea of how much can increase the cryptoworld - today 107 can arrive to 1000? 1) time? 13 months if is going like may? 2) what event must happen ? 3) what can block the grow? Please share your opinion best banana's to all
  20. @pompous-p @Galahad @Bitcoin @FUDFatigue @waterl00 @Eric123 May someone just give his opinion on my poin 3)? It's something important to know / guess / banana
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