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  1. I need a suggestion in regard to a computation error on my XUMM wallet. I reached out to XUMM support. I purchased 20,000+ KGE tokens with 13,000 XRP tokens. Roughly the XRP was valued at .60 and the KGE was valued at about .70. My XUMM wallet shows a value in the $100 range. I reviewed all 10 of the XRPSCAN TK Hash reports which support the timing and value. XUMM stated I needed to discuss with XRP Ledger. As it is a community group, I tried emailing support and have not heard back. XUMM told me might have to do with slippage and spread. That is not the case. KGE and XRP pricing at the time of the purchase are available. My KGE in my XUMM wallet continue to carry a value of $236.09 for 43,288.36597896 as of 1.26.22 at 8:50 P.M. MST. The current value for KGE in the XRPL Coin account shows a price of.30. Values over the past couple of weeks has run between 0.74 and 0.21. I'm not sure where to go from here. Can anyone give me any suggestions? I'm out several thousands of dollars at this time. Thank you...Roc.
  2. I have delisted XRP in Binance.us. I am having difficulty getting the XRP transferred to my XUMM wallet. The only network that is available is a BEP2 Network. When I add my recipient address, it tells me that the address is not a valid BEP2 address. The XRP Network is frozen and can not be activated for a withdrawal. I don't know if Binance.us is going to accept the SOLO Airdrop. I am trying to align my XRP with my XRPL address to take part in the Airdrop. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the withdrawal process? Thank you, Rick.
  3. Thank you so much Billy. I will work through all of the suggestions you presented. I do have enough BNB. I have full validation. I haven't exceeded any withdrawal limits. XRP withdrawals not available is somewhat of a clue as to what problem is. There is a small deposit 2 day hold remaining, but that shouldn't influence the transaction.
  4. That's the issue I am having. It is only showing BEP2 Network available. XRP is grayed out and it shows (XRP - Not available). I can't figure out how to withdraw.
  5. Thank you Skippy! I have a 8 line 6 number sequence for my secret keys. I did put the necessary XRP into XUMM for tradeline set up. When you say proper backup, do you mean as in a screen shot. When I try to make the withdrawal through Binance.us. i.e. Coin: XRP Network: BEP2 Recipient Address: ********************** It states that this address is not a valid BEP2 address. That's where I am getting stuck!
  6. My Airdrop would be based on the amount of XRP owned and that are sitting in the Binance account. I have a XUMM account and a GateHub account. What do you suggest? I apologize for being on such a steep learning curve. I tried to withdraw my XRP from Binance.us. It stated that I need a B2P address which I don't have that I am aware of. I have established a lot of Trustlines and they all sit at address. I need a occasional mentor to help me through these processes until I can process fully on my own. I'm willing to pay a modest retainer for your help.
  7. I have various trustlines set up with XUMM. My XRP are delisted on Binance .Us. Do I need to do anything to participate in Airdrops or does my XRP automatically show up on the XRPL Ledger?
  8. Can anyone let me know If I have my XRP in binance.us, can I still qualify for all the xrp airdrops considering their stagnate? I have set up trustlines for a number of drops. Some have expired and some are forthcoming. It's difficult keeping up with all of them. Thank you for any input.
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