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  1. The bank is called ‘Simplii’ so you don’t have to be surprised that they’re a bit... simple :).
  2. I wouldn't be surprised that this 'article' is written by a guy named Anton... Best to completely ignore it (just like his 'contribution' here...).
  3. Am I correct that all the other coins are on Coinbase (or have been confirmed to be on Coinbase)? If that is the case then we can rest assured that XRP will be announced shortly, not?
  4. It looks like SWIFT is about to give Microsoft part of its infrastructure business. Let’s hope that SWIFT doesn’t ask Microsoft to stop its partnership with Ripple in return...
  5. Then we’ll definitely go to the moon. When it’s not because of Ripple then it’s because of Trump and Kim. Great...
  6. Maybe it’s finally happening: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/06/bitfinex-exchange-cso-phil-potter-leaves/ Imagine the end of Bitfinex and Tether...
  7. We’re still waiting for at least 1 ‘household’ name. If you consider Western Union not to be a household name then we can expect at least 2 household names :).
  8. Karlos, I think it’s better to ban MaxEntropy. It’s clear that he’s here for only one reason. I’m sick and tired of this shit.
  9. The price goes up when the Tether printer starts to print
  10. Maybe they’re both waiting for the end of Tether (and Coinbase for having enough resources to handle the extra load)?
  11. I’m also waiting for major,news: the end of Tether... only then the market will be more or less ‘reliable’.
  12. You could.also.wait and buy many more in a couple of days from now...
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