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  1. Came across this on reddit, had to share it... Amazing
  2. At XRPchat? I can't find it even once. I don't think it's been posted on here before. Oh it does matter. A lot. It is a huge exchange that is part of the fairly new infrastructure of cyptocurrencies. Because of that only it does matter who owns it. Especially because of the background of the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Circle: served as Chief Regulatory Counsel and Research Director for The Financial Services Roundtable served on the U.S. Treasury Department’s Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Group serves as Chairman of the In-House Cou
  3. https://www.reuters.com/article/crypto-currencies-circle/goldman-backed-startup-circle-buys-poloniex-cryptocurrency-exchange-idUSL8N1QG43V This is pretty big news if you ask me. Poloniex.
  4. "The information you are looking for has moved." - hmm, did link work before?
  5. https://www.coindesk.com/dutch-bank-ing-confirms-bitfinex-account/
  6. https://www.ftm.nl/artikelen/ing-tether-miljardenfraude-cryptomunten?share=1
  7. Am I the only one noticing an increasing amount of "bad" SWIFT news lately? Might be a good thing for Ripple Some examples: 18 feb: India's City Union Bank CEO says suffered cyber hack via SWIFT system https://www.reuters.com/article/us-city-union-bank-swift/indias-city-union-bank-ceo-says-suffered-cyber-hack-via-swift-system-idUSKCN1G20AF 16 feb: Hackers stole $6 million from Russian bank via SWIFT system: central bank https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-cyber-swift/hackers-stole-6-million-from-russian-bank-via-swift-system-central-bank-idUSKCN1G00DV
  8. Agreed. This topic is one of the most interesting ones to discuss about XRP if you ask me.
  9. Couldn't agree more. Mevrouw laat zien dat ze weet waar ze over praat. Ze legt duidelijk uit waarom het verschil tussen ICO's en 'existing' currencies belangrijk is. Vanuit het oogpunt van de AFM zijn ICO's natuurlijk zeer interessant. Het betreft hier geld ophalen zonder regulering, garanties, e.d. compleet buiten het bestaande financiële systeem om. Dat zij daar als AFM voor waarschuwen is vrij logisch. Ik snap je punt, maar er is toch een wezenlijk verschil. Er is namelijk een Wet op de kansspelen; voor cryptocurrencies is er geen enkele wettelijke basis of grondslag. Casi
  10. Nog niks aan de hand, pas als we onder 0,20 komen is er reden voor lichte paniek
  11. Dit is wel echt lachwekkend. Meneer Hoekstra herhaald het advies van AFM etc. dat het riskant is. Daarna constateert hij dat zijn advies niet zorgt dat het door hem gegeven advies zorgt voor een drastische afname van Nederlanders die beleggen in cryptocurrencies. Allereerst denk ik niet dat er een aantal beschikbaar was ten tijde van het advies, en ook geen nieuw aantal tijdens het schrijven van dit artikel. Compleet uit de lucht gegrepen constatering als je het mij vraagt. Daarnaast is het vrij logisch dat we niet naar meneer Hoekstra gaan luisteren als het advies luidt "het is riskant". Goh.
  12. Once there's fear/doubt/uncertainty - as with a rumour of a country banning crypto - a lot of people in crypto will panic sell. On the opposite side, good news won't have the same effect if it's not major and easy to understand for all noobs that it's a good thing. F.e. the IOTA/microsoft-hype bull run. It was understandable - even for the dumb people trading crypto - that it is a big deal. So FOMO, buy buy buy, bull run. Most people in crypto world however don't even realise that certain news is actually fundamentally HUGE news and long-term really solid. This goes for XRP news
  13. Why would anyone think they wouldn't list XRP? SBI is a major shareholder of Ripple Labs
  14. This is seriously interesting. Thanks for sharing the article! Great idea, would love to read some Mars' research on this one! Some dot connecting regarding this consortium etc. Here's a link that came out of my 5min research http://uk.businessinsider.com/r-softbank-looks-to-raise-more-debt-using-arm-uber-stakes-the-information-2018-1?international=true&r=UK&IR=T Interesting side thing: SoftBank became UBER's largest stakeholder last month.
  15. Crypto Detective Reveals: Only 10% of Ripple is Held by the Masses Wow I have to say that's the most far stretching title that anyone could've thought of to publish a 'hey i found this excel sheet from someone else regarding ripple accounts! I don't really know if this is valid or anything or if people know this already, but hey this is juicy for a FUD topic!! Let's get some viewsssssss"...
  16. Every damn economic measure nowadays is unlogical. I remember Robert F Kennedy speech on a university regarding GDP.
  17. Market cap of a company isn't the same as the marketcap of crypto. (this below misses some points but still good) https://hackernoon.com/why-market-capitalization-isnt-a-good-metric-for-cryptocurrencies-36a134e074f7? Also, it's not like he can instantly sell all those XRP for the highest price at that moment. So it's more 'rich on paper'. Will it cause a mass media hype? Yes. They don't care and are ignorant on the calculation matter; it's juicy news.
  18. Definitely worth the read. Think it's a pretty accurate article. Not too detailed, but this sort of information is way better and way more informative than what most sites publish about Ripple/XRP.
  19. We're second now! 8.27 for XRP 8.15 for ETH
  20. Of course not. That's why Joel won't be able to provide you that answer as well.
  21. If you do the foreplay (the software) are you gonna stick it in later or nah? (xrp)
  22. Gotta love JoelKatz Now serious: great reply, really took his time once again to explain things properly. Let's hope all the XRP haters are on Quora, but I'm doubtful bout that
  23. Let's hope they do a better job than the guys who put out AAA ratings around 2008
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