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  1. Dag allemaal, Ik zat wat rond te neuzen op zoektermen als cryptocurrency en virtuele valuta op de website van de overheid waar ze alle stukken e.d. openbaar maken. Tijdens dit zoeken kwam ik een erg interessant stuk tegen wat nog niet heel oud is (6 september). N.a.v. van een nieuwsbericht hadden 2 kamerleden van de SP vragen gesteld, 9 september heeft de minister hier antwoord op gegeven. bron: https://zoek.officielebekendmakingen.nl/ah-tk-20162017-2638.html
  2. Hello all, This week I've stumbled across Change Bank ( https://change-bank.com )and I've been keeping track of their progress ever since, because it looked promising to me. I haven't purchased any coins but I would like to share this concept with you guys, and some comments on this post are very, very welcome. I've done some research myself and I'll share that below, please feel free to provide additional information. I might be too optimistic again so some counterarguments why this isn't a promising concept are very welcome. I'm just wondering if people stumbled across this as well or might even have purchased some. I would suggest to read the whitepaper (link below), it seems really promising, but some counterarguments why this isn't going to work out or something are very very welcome. I will use the feedback of everyone on here together with my own research to consider investing a small amount (0.5eth) in it. Out of the FAQ: What is Change? Change is a crypto bank offering a wide range of financial services including a bank card, investment opportunities on a global marketplace, cryptocurrencies, insurance and more. How do real world payments work with cryptocurrencies? Change users are not required to convert their cryptoassets into fiat in order to pay to merchants or withdraw cash from ATMs. Upon payment or cash withdrawal, the system checks whether the user has a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency in their wallets and deducts this amount from the user’s wallet. Conversion from cryptocurrencies to fiat is done according to the exchange rate of the partnering cryptocurrency exchange. These rates are displayed to card users real-time inside the app. https://change-bank.com/ note: I haven't invested any yet, I will wait for some feedback of this community and continue my own research on this, However, I did include an affiliate link in this post, you can read more about that on the website. For me the most important thing is feedback and comments on this (why is this a good concept, why won't this work, etc), so please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I'll continue my research and share additional information on here.
  3. dude you are so right. in the meanwhile we can stack up at this low low price though
  4. Spot on. With things like this you need to use the point of view of the regulator; well done
  5. I like the way you are thinking, because If I had to make a guess myself, this is indeed about more than what we think it is. How or what, I have no idea. I do have some interesting thoughts on it which I'll share: 1) This lawsuit means that the amount of XRP won't be used with a definite purpose before the case is over - which will take a severe amount of time. What is the advantage/disadvantage of this? I don't know (yet). Nevertheless; this is very interesting. 2) SBI is invested in both companies. This doesn't mean that what they say is going to happen, but still, they have influence at both parties... to me they also seem to be very actively involved in it all which makes this lawsuit even more remarkable. Besides SBI there are, if I'm correct on this, more parties (banks/organizations) involved at either side of this lawsuit. Again food for thought! I really don't know if I'm missing something or that I'm being ignorant for posting this but this is how I see it currently; if anyone can comment on this it's very much appreciated.
  6. I noticed some hours earlier that the last update on coinmarketcap.com for bithumb stated "1 hour ago". Now it states "7 hours ago". I visit the site and it is down apparantly. https://www.bithumb.com/ What happened? This is 40% of XRP volume not being traded for the past 7 hours.
  7. Bitcoin is and will keep being the first in this 'industry'. For that reason it will stay but other alternatives will arise quickly - if they don't already exist - that outperform it somehow. However, as with a lot of other things, the 'best/fastest/highest quality' of a brand isn't always the most known/bought/used brand. For example, you can buy a smartphone that costs $200 which will outperform the $600-one on every area. People will still buy the $600-one and probably perceive it as better anyway. Another example might be clothes/shoes. Higher prices or more known brands aren't always the best, quality-wise. Media coverage and advertising plays a huge role in this. This happens in a lot of different industries and I think it is being a thing in this cryptoland as well. Add with that the fact that a lot of random/uneducated/ignorant/crazy/irrational people are active on the cryptomarket, which will even emphasize this non-realistic hierarchy and perception of being 1st/2nd etcetera. Bitcoin is here and it will stay here for a long time unless something major would happen that causes otherwise. If not, then it will at least take some time for this to change around and for it to be shown in it's representation in terms of value/money. However, in a medium to large timeframe I definitely see this changing and to be honest I think chances are pretty much in Ripple's favour (so far) to be the one to kick it off the throne. Why? Well as the author of the article stated as well: Ripple is the hugely undervaluated (in terms of perspective of the public view on it) diamond in the dirt right now if you ask me.
  8. @ThomasTheTGV @Woestekip Accenture heeft overigens wel geïnvesteerd in Ripple ( https://www.accenture.com/us-en/innovation-architecture-accenture-ventures )
  9. R3 sues Ripple (What?!)

    That's on hell of a well written law suit right? Not that I read many but my guess would be that Ripple is in favour big time. by the way, this case will take years lol
  10. Yes you warned us and apologies for not taking it as serious as might've been needed. However, you were the only one doing so. With an intial post that didn't really convinced me personally since it was just you stating not receiving your ether back quick enough. Later you got it back anyway, although u felt the exchange rate wasn't fair. To me personally it wasn't convincing me (enough), f.e. the content that @Xilobyte posted is way more convincing - could be me. No hard feelings
  11. @Xilobyte @Tinyaccount @JoelKatz Thanks all three of you for the replies/warnings and critical thinking, I'll change my first post in this thread until we know more about this. Very grateful for you guys warning us all
  12. R3 sues Ripple (What?!)

    I read this thread and finished a decent amount of newsarticles/background on this; I'm absolutely delighted to spectate where this will go from now on. It already lights up this forum with speculation/discussion/scenario's. It's one of biggest the advantages of this forum, I think. Being able to not just be limited with your own idea/guesses on something but also the ones of other people. Because of all the people contributing here so lively this lawsuit is even more enjoyable to follow the upcoming time. I didn't see the actual filing (if someone finds/aquires it, please share it with us) but I read the press release of Ripple + newsarticles which stated some interesting things. Well, it is a big question if R3 indeed failed to furfill their part of the contract. IF that is true (and can be proven) then that hugely favours Ripple in this case. Then R3 failed to deliver; so it's the right of ripple to not furfill their part. If not, Ripple will indeed need to furfill their part of the contract if there weren't any additional agreements or anything, I have no idea about that. If this mail is legit it might have some effect on the outcome as well. What amazed me was that SBI is the largest shareholder in R3 and they are also invested in Ripple. There are also some other 'double' investors/partners/banks involved in both companies. I must be missing something but this seems to me a bit strange. Also, the counterfile was just hours later? I mean, I'm no expert on it but how fast do you create a (proper) counterlawsuit?! This might be having an whole other purpose than it being a fight about money, but I could be totally wrong on that as well. Anyway thanks @kakoyla and others for useful information in this thread so far! And @Hodor are you researching/writing on this already? You better be
  13. Since I'm too lazy to re-calculate and filter out the double exchanges, I tried to solve it creatively by editing my post. Let's hope we won't confuse too much people with this haha. Anyway, there's a lot of growth potential regarding the markets and exchanges for XRP, which is awesome !
  14. woops i messed up myself it's pairings indeed.. it's late already haha..
  15. I was just reading this because I saw it on twitter earlier haha! Interesting to read the quote below because I have been thinking about it before I was on coinmarketcap earlier to count the amount of exchanges markets where the top currencies are available right now. Ripple right now is available at 50 exchanges 50 markets/pairs (with a volume higher than 10K$/24H). To put in perspective: Litecoin 95 has markets, BitcoinCash 67 markets, Ethereum 332 markets and BitCoin 400++ markets. (with a volume higher than 10K$/24H). (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets) If we look at the bright side of this, this means that there's a lot more volume coming in when it will get listed on more and more exchanges will be available at more exchanges and in more different pairs Great blogpost once again!