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  1. It's easier to first use it for international transactions/bank payments and become standardized that way and then later on add consumer stuff to it than vica versa. Just saying Once Ripple reaches an "official" status; anything is possible.
  2. Found this article just now and thought it would be useful to share on here. SOURCE: https://asia.nikkei.com/Japan-Update/Fintech-startup-Money-Forward-IPO-expected-September
  3. Hi all, Since I like to see percentages shown visually I sometimes make a little chart (nothing special) for myself that shows info displayed in numbers. I made one showing the top 5 exchanges with the highest volume in trading XRP. I thought it'd share it because it shows some interesting things: 1) Top 5 exchanges = more than 70% of the volume 2) Top 5 = only in BTC and KRW 3) about 35% of XRP is traded in BTC and about 37% in KRW Again, nothing special, just sharing it in case it might be useful to someone. Data from https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets
  4. Table of major banks working with Ripple

    This infographic clearly shows how Ripple is operating and how the foundation has been put in place. Slowly, steadily and well-organized. I'm very curious how this is going to evolve further. Remember that enabling a new technology to a sh*tload lot of organizations, people etcetera won't happen overnight. It will take time, but this graph shows already why Ripple is the primary cryptocurrency for wider adoption compared to the other coins.
  5. Now that's a title that makes you want to read the article - thanks
  6. I can't even imagine the tension when making such a transaction. I slowly build up my wallet to 1500 xrp or so right now (pretty broke rn) and I already triple check all my transactions and stuff lol....
  7. I think this is a pretty good moment to buy some more tbh, but we'll see...
  8. just a matter of time indeed, Ripple will prove itself. it's a very common thing to happen that the first in a certain industry eventually gets behind because the one(s) after the first can see where exactly the problems occur and how to improve these It's just that more people know about bitcoin due to being the first; this will change and I'll await it patiently.
  9. Technical indicators

    Hahah I've noticed it a few days ago. @JonHolmquist has been so kind already to send me some PRX because of it lol :')
  10. Technical indicators

    Hi all, I'm not familiar with all technical indicators that exist (there are sooo many..) but over times I've gotten familiar with several ones. My question is which would you recommend me to learn next (and maybe why)? I rather have a good tip then learn some I'm probably not going to use anyway Time is scarce hehe It doesn't has to be specificly for Ripple I'm just genuinely interested in them and use the ones below quite often so please feel free to leave suggestions below! Ones I know already: - Moving average - RSI - Parabolic SAR - Bollinger Bands (love these)
  11. Good read once again. I like how you write it in such a style so that it's easy to understand for new people who will find out about Ripple and want to learn more about it. Whenever I'm convincing (or at least, try to... lol) friends and relatives it's nice to send them some articles written on your blog instead of some general article somewhere on the internet about Ripple that doesn't really spark any interest nor is convincing. Keep it up!!
  12. Along with the ones you listed: Mr. Ripple = 0.26% volume xrp/jpy Tokyo JPY = 0.14% volume xrp/jpy source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets
  13. MoneyGram? What?!

    Amazon also tied up with the State Bank of India right? To make online purchasements and stuff easier in India?? They want to ship (soon: drone-send) a sh*tload of products into india lmao
  14. Diffusion of innovations

    @Hodor Awesome! And seems about right where you put them both. I know it's maybe a bit optimistic, but currently, the 34% early majority and 34% late majority probably don't even know Ripple exists! Not saying these are exact percentages, but still, it shows how much of a growth that is still possible. It's hard to be on the early side though, it's like being delusional... ("why are we the only few knowing about this awesome thing?! are we wrong on this? or is the majority just still asleep?") Really hope we can look back at this and have a great laugh in 3-5years
  15. MoneyGram? What?!

    We're living in 2017.. in the meanwhile SBI is already in 2030 Great news this!