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  1. Very informative. You definitely know your stuff. But I don’t understand how Ripple can’t acquire Moneygram directly, only acquire a majority from shareholders, yet management discussed the sale of the company when debt was less of a constraint. Does “management” mean major shareholders?
  2. Laura Shin’s much anticipated podcast about Ripple and XRP has been released. Hodl on to your hats ladies and gentlemen. You’re about to get angry. She starts off by trying to explain what happened between her and Ripple representatives when trying to book guests. In her uniquely exasperated tone, she declared, “I only interview CEO’s!” She didn’t want Joel Katz to join the interview, and when he publicly called her out on Twitter, she spat hot fire: “Nobody tells me who the guests are on MY podcast!” I know I’m a biased XRP banana dance moon boy, but man did she sound like a ****** off princess. The rest of the interview was an endless FUD barrage. I wish Joel Katz was there to put these guys in their place. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/unchained-big-ideas-from-worlds-blockchain-cryptocurrency/id1123922160?mt=2#episodeGuid=240f500a9c53f13c4820d16b1c937d43
  3. I heard about this jinx right before the crash in January. I heard the word “paradigm” that night on a podcast, an obvious sign from the universe. Now I see that word again and it gives me hope that the jinx has been reversed and we are about to go on a run that will make December look tame.
  4. Who better than the most beloved cryptography genius, MVP of coding, limousine riding, jet flying, Oracle Arena strutting, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun to make the partnership announcement? Nobody. Let's hear those household names during the live stream.
  5. Is this the same Storm who lives in Busan and is the biggest English NBA fan?
  6. I was expecting a bigger jump but it only went to about .23 then someone put in a huge sell order at .10 ( I'm guessing by mistake) and ate up all the bids. Now it's around .19.
  7. I live in Korea so I use a couple Korean exchanges. Coinone.co.kr is one of the top 3 . Currently, they only offer BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, and XRP. QTUM will be added to the list soon; it was scheduled to happen 26 hours ago but has been delayed. Anyway, just thought I'd give a heads up.
  8. Following the mystery live has been quite an exciting experience. I love the rare show of showmanship from the ripple team. I am a bit worried that the announcement could disappoint our high hopes. So, what do you think the big announcement will be? 1. Korea. First of all, the symbol in Ripple's latest tweets has been presumed by some to look like a horizontal outline of North and South Korea on a map. Unless they have plans to unify the countries, I'm not sure why they would include North Korea. But there have been persistent rumors of a ripple - Kakao partnership. 2. SBI. If it's going live, that's great. But don't we already know that's coming? 3. Federal Reserve. Since the report by the Federal Reserve Task Force on faster payments said they would let the market decide what system is adopted, I doubt they've made a concrete decision about anything yet. 4. The Bank of England. I'm honestly not sure how big of an impact this would be. I'm assuming large. 5. A Conference. This would ultimately be the most disappointing. Well if there's something I left out that you think might happen, let me know.
  9. I teach adults in South Korea and I've been telling them my hobby is blockchain technology and coins. After a few months I had my first student share my enthusiasm and we spent 5 minutes discussing while the rest of the class looked on bewildered. So yes it is spreading here but there's still a lot of room to grow. Btw his favorite coins are ETH and XRP so we bonded lol.
  10. After years of task force meetings and 33,000 pages of proposals, the task force has recommended: think tanks to further ponder faster payments. I believe they referred to it as, "passing the baton." I wish this was more of a sprint than a relay race.
  11. I dream that XRP will have me sleeping on racks of cash like the rest of you, but let's pump the brakes a bit. The announcement this Friday is about 10 ways to improve payments, not 1 giant announcement declaring XRP the new currency of America.
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