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  1. Dont worry guys.. soon you can buy them very cheap...
  2. You people are crazy. After "big" announcements we are only decreasing in price. And people talk about 1000 dollar. Wake up guys, xrp is dying for months now. Lets talk about 0,50 first, that seems difficult enough
  3. Instead of discussing why xrp is falling back, people talk about songs..
  4. thats the phishing/scam/rip/fake &*#^& company.
  5. Where are the people who said there will be a huge announcement this last day? Where are they who told us that xrp rises to the moon after swell? Where are the rumors?
  6. Let the market decide if there is a cat.. Ooh I see xrp dropped -11% last 24 hours
  7. If u are not using their webtools (deposit or transfer any coin), you are safe. Dont worry
  8. a lot of talking to generate clicks and SEO ranking. Then scam game begins.
  9. The Russian State Duma is holding a tender for a detailed study on the subject of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The government will pay the winner 2.5 million rubles out of the federal budget. The deadline for submissions is October 10. More: https://news.bitcoin.com/russian-government-cryptocurrency-researchers-2-5-million-rubles/ I am sure Hodor can win this contest
  10. what is going on with gatehub? Every day i read someone is "hacked".
  11. Im sure they are selling xrp in secret. After every rise you can see dumps in orderbook, always large numbers I know you will ask for a prove now. I have 2.. they are humans and they running a business. Who wouldn't?
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