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  1. Ripple knows exactly what they need to do, and they are doing just that. Does your timeframe match theirs? When a business or an idea becomes successful people often say wow overnight success, but in reality there have been many many years of work put in. Congratulate yourself on getting in early and ripple being so open.
  2. Write your future self a letter with exit points. Stick to those points. When every crypto begins a moonshot it'll be hard to sell. Most of all have patience and a little fun.
  3. So in 5 years xrp will be 15 dollars lets see that's 2025. Half of that is the year 2022 somewhere in June xrp is now 7.50. Half of that oh we're getting closer it's now the year 2021 march somewhere xrp will be 3.25. So you are saying xrp will be approaching it's all time high in a little over a year? Facts dispenser person thank you for the hope you have brought back to xrp chat.
  4. So the next xrp run up will not be utility driven? It will be based off of bitcoin?
  5. A lot of people on the vet forums say vet can do what xrp did. Then when you bring up all the good news about xrp and the potential it has you get a lot of push back. Many people cannot see more than one coin going up and becoming useful. I see great potential for many and look forward to a coin's intrinsic value reflecting on its price. Vet has mojo right now.
  6. By considering it public knowledge you will take the necessary steps to protect yourself.
  7. i think you can consider any info in that email account public knowledge now.
  8. Has gatehub taken the proper actions to prevent further incidents? Or are their clients funds still at a major risk of being stolen?
  9. I have often wondered if adoption takes off and there are more use cases on the horizon when would one sell? If you make it to your sell date and the potential for greater returns when do you cut loose and cash in? It would be a good problem to have. I think this early in the game it is best to keep cool and follow progress, reevaluate and hold strong. Adoption is just happening.
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