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  1. This is my point. Even SEC sued them they are in bull run.
  2. We are really to much thinking on the case. See the CMC. Terra hit the 10th place. Very solid project. And guess the utility. This is payment. I really started to believe that we missed the train. Where are the f**** market makers. ?
  3. Going to the dark side of the moon We see some breakouts but all of them are fake breakouts.
  4. It seems like we are still under MA50 in 4h chart! So I don'T believe that we are recovering still. Sad
  5. Even after FED announcement it is not moving! Very sad!
  6. I believe yes too. Because if the route of the payment is not 100% on RippleNet it was using alternative route through the correspondent banks.
  7. Guys ! Unless there is an absurd development on the FED side on Wednesday, I think we should forget about the bull run. At best, we would see a bull run for XRP in a scenario where this case ends up in Ripple's favour. Therefore bye bye happiness.
  8. Same here. I have two wallets. One of them is approved another one not. Why ?
  9. This, in my opinion, is one of the most important documents unearthed throughout this trial. But there is something that worries me. If I were the SEC, I'd sit at the deal table right away. But they also continue their stubbornness now. Considering this stubbornness and such important documents that have emerged, I believe that this case will extend its duration even more. I don't even want to think about how long they can prolong the game on important documents like this, while the SEC can avoid answering even simple documents and questions.
  10. Yes you can. There are already integrated brokers that you can view here : https://www.tradingview.com/brokers/
  11. hmmmm so max in January we landing to Pluto ?
  12. According to the previous airdrop "experiences" it is not good for XRP price
  13. Guys look this. Any thoughts ? https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPBTC/Tu9SfNgM-XRP-update-The-pump-WILL-come-With-or-without-SEC-FUD/
  14. Thanks to SEC I feel like we really missed the altcoin bullrun.
  15. Can we also learn from your Magic Ball what will happen in the next weeks?
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