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  1. Which is very scary. And the point that this guy raises is basically true.
  2. Where is the "Market Makers of Ripple" (From the SEC filling) that were driving the price up.
  3. I didnt say that " Palladium is more worth it." . I just said that I feel sad and nervous because of XLM price passed the XRP price. Thats all. I can understand basic Maths.
  4. I really started getting sad and nervous because of the things happening right now. f—-king XLM is expensive than XRP right now.
  5. I really started getting sad and nervous because of these things. f—-king XLM is expensive than XRP right now.
  6. I really feel sad when I see that XLM is expensive than XRP.
  7. Why all these things are happening ? Why would investor do this ? I really believe Ripple should make a very inclusive explanation about the things that happening. Or not only people but also companies will really loose the faith to company. It’s like someone or something trying to build bad reputation and beat the prestige of Ripple.
  8. Right. I believe regulated stable coins threaten XRP but in the another hand it doesn't create an effective FX between currencies. So let's assume that everyone can send the stable coin across the world but it still doesn't solve the "nostro-vostro" account problems or the exchange of USD with other local currencies.
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