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  1. Thanks to SEC I feel like we really missed the altcoin bullrun.
  2. Can we also learn from your Magic Ball what will happen in the next weeks?
  3. Its illegal in US to do this. But I believe here are some people from outside US which can do it for us.
  4. Anyone in the call. It says conefrence is full
  5. After very successful hearing still we are down. @Hopium any hopes ?
  6. Another day that XRP is behind the market. Even @Hopium cannot justify this
  7. Again every other coin is %10 up but we are not moving. So motivating 😁
  8. remember, remember, the twenty second of february, gunpowder treason and plot. i see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. guy fawkes, guy fawkes, 'twas his intent to blow up the king and the parliament. three score barrels of powder below, poor old xrp army 😁 to overthrow: by god's providence he was catch'd with a dark lantern and burning match. holloa boys, holloa boys, make the bells ring. holloa boys, holloa boys, god save the Ripple 😁! hip hip hoorah! a penny loaf to feed the pope. a farthing o' cheese to choke him.
  9. I believe this year XRP ship will not go to moon. Only will hang out in orbit ?
  10. What are your thoughts guys ?
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