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  1. Ive got my Flare on my nano with the xrp toolkit - What would we need to do to claim the Yieldflare? cheers
  2. And Brad and Chris were dumping their xrp stash even though "they are long xrp".............
  3. So then what, Ripple pays a fine then back to business or will this change things significantly do you think?
  4. What does this mean? Or what is she alluding too? Lost faith in her acumen and kind of ignored her take on things after she became a Yang gang supporter
  5. Was sent this article a few years back (2016) - went heavy on everything except maidsafe https://www.alexfortin.com/top-5-crypto-currencies-invest-2018/ The article says 2018 but I read it a few years ago Life changer -- if I ever bump into Alex Im gonna buy the man a drink
  6. Bill Gates would have been a perfect choice! Would have thought with the Mojaloop connection Ripple could make that happen. Who knows maybe they tried Swell 2019.......
  7. I've noticed with Poloniex when xrp was half a cent and went to 3cents in Feb/March last year Poloniex locked all users out, when service returned the price had fallen significantly. When it went from 3c to 7c same thing happened. I can't remember if there were any outages from the 13c 30c and 42c jumps last year, but recently when it hit 79c on poloniex they shut everyone out again. I read somewhere that it's happened on other exchanges and that the operators are shorting their positions on xrp while the system is "down" - how true I've got no idea but it does seem fishy esp after they claimed to have upgraded their systems since 18months ago. So yes I too believe in a 1400% jump but the exchanges have got to get their act together.
  8. F**KCOIN got a solid 1.5 stars "In today’s society, we have an epidemic where millions of people have no f**ks to give. With our ERC-20 F**K token we have solved the “lack of F**Ks” problem. Tip your friends 0.001 F**Ks, or 1 F**K, it doesn’t matter how many F**Ks you give. All that matters is you are contributing something to society." My guess they will hard fork once they have scaling issues.
  9. I agree I find Ripple choosing Bill Clinton an appalling choice, what on earth were they thinking. The Clinton brand name is forever tarnished with corruption scandal and dishonesty. Whether from the Clinton Foundation, Haiti, Uranium One, pay to play, private email server, Benghazi, Wiki leaks, DNC emails, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, the Lolita express etc etc i cant remember the others. The TPP endorsed by Bill called the "Golden Standard" by Hillary which she later backflipped on, selling out the manufacturing jobs in the US to China which created the trade deficit the US has today. Selling out America is ok but selling steak and ties is bad, ok got it. Who knows why he's there maybe they were just desperate for speakers?
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