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  1. I am concerned about Gatehub/PBG issuing their gold as XAU on the RCL because they are not issuing XAU as XAU is the ISO currency code standard for 1 troy ounce (ozt) of .999 fine gold an meanwhile they are offering 1 XAU at a rate of 1g. When a user unknowingly trusts Gatehub's XAU and another Gateway's XAU then that user could potentially be ripped off for an great deal of value. I got a lot of flack on the official forums for wanting to issue fractional silver as XSG instead of issuing fractional amounts of XAG when I was discussing how I should set up my gateway's redemption policy which was settled on the latter as XAG would allow paths to be found easier. If Gatehub/PBG knew they were not dealing in troy ounces but grams then chose to ignore proper naming conventions and saw this as a non-issue then I think we have a problem; I propose we begin a critical discussion about Gateways and their usage of ISO standard currency issuances. I would like to ask @JoelKatz @nikb @mDuo13 to please comment on this issue if they can please find the time to do so either within this thread or over twitter.
  2. I am opening registration for all XAGATE clients to register their ripple accounts for a federated address on the RCL. To register for an account, please send an email to with the subject "Federation Registration" and include: Your primary Ripple address (required) Your Full Name (required) Preferred username 1 (required) Preferred username 2 (required) Bitcoin Address (optional) Ethereum Address (optional) Your Ripple address and will promptly be added to the federation protocol which works with the desktop wallet. No, this does not work in the Gatehub client. Perhaps @enej will implement federation support sometime this year "when the team isn't busy" but I wouldn't bother pestering them about this out of kindness (at least until maybe Q2 ;)). This is a free service and does not cost anything but your time to register. In other news, you can expect more XAG IOUs to hit the market on Monday, follow me on Twitter to get news when the trades are posted!
  3. Plesk runs nginx as a reverse proxy to Apache so both rules have to be set for the CORS header to be accepted.
  4. I was recently going insane with an .htaccess file plus all of my conf files because I was having issues with ripple.txt being discovered over HTTP. If you installed Plesk to your server then it creates a nginx reverse proxy that runs in front of Apache so you need to set two directives for the CORS header to be accepted, not just for Apache. Login to Plesk and from the Websites and Domains tab find your vhost, click Apache & nginx settings and add the following under Additional Apache Directives for HTTP and add the below block to Additional nginx directives: Go to and enter your domain (without leading https or www) and it should report valid. Cheers.
  5. To have faith in the network, we would need to see all of the votes made. Here is the status of my validator's votes:
  6. Three or four is acceptable for fiat currencies to encourage market markers to set larger offers for a more competitive exchange rate. CAD.RippleUnion's ticksize will be set to 4 significant digits and the precious metals and cryptocurrency IOUs remitted by XAGATE will be set to 8 significant digits.
  7. Ticksize amendment is a feature for Gateways to choose which significant digits to round to for TakerPays and TakerGets to be calculated on offer preference. Gateway Operators can set this value from 3 to 15 significant digits.
  8. States that escrow replaces both
  9. Well I sent my first payment successfully the other day so some progress has been made.. It would be nice to get this working on my centos server so I can peer two instances together that I own for testing. Having at least some method within the early development for progressing the ILP network's expansion is better than no method.
  10. I should have clarified this statement further by stating "... all crypto is pegged and/or interpreted .." as there are cryptocurrencies out there such such as Tether which pegs one unit of Tether to 1 USD. Yep, the 'chicken and egg' problem of liquidity will persist due to legal red tape.
  11. Seems that the emails were bouncing for some odd reason but the issue is now resolved. Thanks for the help Enej and Klas from GateHub!
  12. The only valid example is measuring BTC/Gold which not many people exchange their crypto for. As the grand majority of crypto users exchange their crypto for fiat how exactly do they 'escape negative interest rates' when all crypto is pegged an interpreted via fiat? AFAIK, most banks don't want to use XRP because most legal jurisdictions do not recognize it as 'legal tender'.
  13. I feel like too many of us learned this the hard way. I forgot you don't work with the data api but thanks for the clarification. On a completely unrelated topic, you said your project was on the back-burner, but do you not still seed a torrent of rippled ledger data for people to access?
  14. This was an issue with the setup documentation instructing you to install postgresql 9.3 when you need at least 9.5; I upgraded to 9.6.2, wiped the database, recreated it, and the admin had -1000 units and the connector had 1000 so the issue was closed.
  15. The BoJ has been heavily inflating the Yen these past two years..investors are cashing out of the crypto casino to shift into tangible assets like gold and real estate in an effort to protect their purchasing power... As for this personality spreading disinformation, Ripple should nip this issue in the butt with a c&d.