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  1. The only thing I want to add to this thread is that @KarmaCoverage received a lot of my labour for free in the past in regards to his Insurance Prototype; I encourage him to make amends privately.
  2. Ripple: -FUD -Should have chosen more Hawala aspects in its design and implementation in some regard -FUD -FUD -Should be held accountable for some poor treatment of some Ripple Gateways and some Gateways have done some shady things to Ripple Inc and this MUST be solved with full transparency -FUD -The lead on the cryptography is why XRP is so valuable and if the societal climate ever changes towards technocracy I support @JoelKatz to reside in the position of CEO of Ripple Inc -FUD -FUD Pick useful bullet points to break the Federal Reserve's back into possibly openly discussing. Sorry, Ripple Inc.
  3. Are we entirely sure this conversation is not related to Ripple? I.E. Core Principals of Consensus?
  4. Don't mess with Anonymous. Anonymous never forgives. Anonymous never forgets. NSFW
  5. Tomorrow, May 11th, I will be taking a 'mental health day' to recover. I have made great friends with my neighbors upstairs who I think are great allies, one of them is an economist with a masters, I am in so much luck. They are looking to replace a table which I desperately need to setup my new-ish apartment with (I have three chairs, a busted couch, a little broken end table, some foam pads/linens, and a mattress & not a proper bed) so this is a huge boon at this time. This gentleman is in media now and wants to 'cast me' eventually. I am making strategic arrangement to position myself as a public figure within the Ontarian Sound Money Movement, Cryptocurrency culture, and growing Financial Technology/Remittance Industry by 2018 when Cannabis will be legal an therefore a bit more socially acceptable; I have never really like becoming intoxicated via alcohol and I require this for medical needs so...don't judge me too hard...I am 'a socialist sitting on a couch' that is actually a libertarian working FOR YOU and your collective benefit pretty much. I cannot wait to approach the CHCH TV studios as it is nearby my current apt. Please expect a Terms of Service update no later than May 20, 2017 RE: Flexepin Distribution Remittance Product.
  6. You bring forth a solid argument @tomb it may not be wise for me to directly affiliate this specific marketing program for mini mintages from Chris Duane's company but I already have this philosophy you described. I want people to realize that if things go bad then somewhere in the world, one day if say the RCL/communications on a global scale go offline, if I perhaps survive a catastrophic event & so does society with enough resources to rebuild, then people can be sure that the redemption of those IOUs are backed. You could create your own docs to prove a key has so much XAG on it before things go back to as-is and use it as a paper currency. This has always been my suggestion to any Precious Metals investor I do business with. I have not processed any Precious Metals transactions with any XAGATE Client YTD & I offer XAG through my personal or corporate account(s).
  7. @tomb @AmericanXRP If you both watched the entire video you will realize a) XAGATE has a unique opportunity to potentially partner with Silver Bullet SIlver Shield to create an innovative alliance we are both part of the sound money movement (what an awesome typo now it is a proper thread now!) c) we are both part of the liberty movement d) how can you not see this? f) please watch TruthNeverTold's Son's of Liberty Academy then and wake up or watch the content on his channel an perhaps reread my content then f) study monetary history and quantity currency vs sound money cyclic rotation of free market dominance. Too long for the chat box of course. Gives us all an opportunity to properly discuss. Maybe get Chris Duane, David Morgan, Mike Maloney, @JoelKatz, @nikb @mDuo13 in here too with @Vinnie (??). The absolute best PR stunt right now would be Brad and Chris to respond to this thread.
  8. Due to this being a pilot program which is a short program which may or not fly in the end I am not advertising the details I am just releasing them between XAGATE clients who register with the Gateway; This is partly due to implementing my redesigned early alpha federation protocol design documents recently.
  9. Use the search function people. Also keep an eye on the topics that show on the front page on the right to see new posts. List of Ripple Clients
  10. Can you teach me how to do this in ripplerm's open source client pretty please? You know so much more about rippleapi than I do as proven in the past. I also unfortunately lost that script you helped me with when the old server was taken offline so I am currently lacking any working examples (also haven't built rippleapi successfully on the new machine either so I am using an older minified version).
  11. https://github.com/ripple/rippled/pull/2110 Same @Dsimmo @nikb I am offering too good a spread on XRP/XAG so please push soon..
  12. I hope to find time this Summer to maybe fully dive into Stellaris Utopia and Offworld Trading Company, so all of my fellow brothers and sisters of steam are forewarned of their near imminent demise/takeover! I prefer the Hive-mind and Scavenger play styles within both games. Please see mindark.com and entropiauniverse.com. I have had an account since 2009. I am about to be able to be a mentor on this game and I will be offering a mentorship program. No one found or if they did cared about my redemption policies for the EU assets I have issued to ~Twarden but those markets and policies are not currently maintained anyways. Veripare on Steam & Veripare Vee Star on Planet Calypso (usually playing around OLA 42 area hunting Argonauts typically and at a society terminal search for Death Lords if you are so inclined, we have Mother-ships and Pathfinders) are my in game names. I have commented on the need for Ripple Inc to consider an innovative technology alliance with Mindark which has invested well over 80M$USD into their IP. Discuss.
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