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  1. I tried to use their federation api to build a withdrawal and I received this error: Just to let everyone know, the instructions on the second page of this thread I wrote was meant for ripple-REST which is now deprecated/not supported, so I suggest running the commands that require rippled from the command line with the json command. @winthan Can you tell us what happened with btc2ripple?
  3. XAGATE uses the dual process method of verifying the identity of user's for record keeping obligations. Due to these updated guidelines, it is in the best interest of Canadian Money Services Businesses to consider partnering with Equifax, TransUnion, or Trulioo to verify their client's identity (the latter of which I am personally investigating at this time in comparison to the former). Please note that if you conducted a policy in which you receive any sort of identity that is not provided in person, it is not valid nor reliable, hence a credit file verification method is ideal for Ripple Gateways.
  4. Thanks @Malloy I wish that there was more time in the day that I could devote to the community in a more direct fashion like I have in the past but at least all is well now after I was able to relocate to an apartment to pay room and board until I could sign a lease at a new place. It was just a bonus that the family of this colleague I made acquaintances with has been working on a project which requires my skill set and services. It was like I realigned with the Universe in a matter-of-fact kind of way to nudge me into a much better direction within my career as a developer in a perfectly mutually beneficial manner. A user has emailed me in regards to an error with the SSL certificate when visiting If you encounter this error, please send me an email at with the name and version of your web browser and in addition please visit and copy and paste the data they provide. This is a known issue with the Safari web browser which is due to missing Certificate Authority certificates; I suggest to use the Chrome web browser when visiting Please see the links in this post in regards to this issue.
  5. Apologies for my inactivity within the forums for the past few months, here is an update on the progress of XAGATE and The Quick Gateway Kit projects. For those who may not have read the news this past Summer that I had health issues which displaced me from my home after a stay in hospital. I was lucky enough to make a great friend through visiting the hospital after my stay, so I am happy to announce that I have finally found a new home office to operate from on my own again. In addition to this success, I have signed a non-disclosure agreement with a company to secure a position named Vice President of Finance, CCFTD (Cryptocurrency and Financial Technology Development). I continue to receive occasional emails from interested individuals in regards to the Quick Gateway Kit and my consulting services available. Under the QGK project, I have decided to move away from as a non-profit en-devour as my focus has shifted towards serving the business to business industry. In regard to the XAGATE website, you may have noticed that I no longer advertise that I am remitting USD, this has been due to a lack of interest on behalf of the community. I also have updated the site to reduce the amount of scrolling involved and to simplify the settlement process for users by clicking on a link which launches your email client with a form to fill out (please note that cryptocurrency deposits are still performed on site). I now have a difficult discussion to begin in regards to the state of the financial regulations in Canada. June 2017, as a money services business, I will be required to update the method in which I verify the identity of clients which are not conducted in person. In June, I will no longer be able to accept clients' personal information and instead must use a third party who will collect information for identity verification. I have a few options for how to setup this new verification system, however all of these options either include prohibitively expensive setup costs and per-transaction fees or an unsustainable increase to the monthly overhead expenses taking into account revenue generated from ongoing business operations coupled with my current web hosting expenses. Due to this situation, I have a few choices to make in regards to increasing revenue and minimizing expenses to remain competitive and in business. At this time XAGATE and QGK are hosted on a dedicated server so that I can operate a rippled validator to assist the network, but I believe that it has now become financially unrealistic to be able to provide such support. Therefore, I have decided to renew my current contract until the end of the year, afterward I will unfortunately migrate the sites again to a less expensive server so that the new compliance costs can be covered. I was considering for a time to announce the closure of the CAD Gateway to not be subjected to the regulations as a money services business but I do not want to be responsible for creating a situation where there is a monopoly gateway, not to mention rendering the hard work of singpoylma and jlamothe (the prior operators) work moot. Due to the upcoming implementation of this new KYC system's cost basis per-transaction, the flat rate fees for deposits an withdrawals will increase by 75 cents to 3.50$. Therefore I must advise individuals with less than 10 CAD to consider settling their CAD position however they wish before fees increase this Summer. I will not be enforcing a transfer fee on any of the assets that I remit with this Summer's update.
  6. You can restrict the nofile setting to a specific user that initiates rippled with:
  7. When running rippled on Centos 6 using the yum package, you may encounter this error: Or something to the effect that 1024 file descriptors are available and 4096 were requested from rippled, so it shut down. To fix this error, open /etc/security/limits.conf and at the bottom of the file add: Next, open /etc/sysctl.conf and at the bottom of the file add: Run ulimit -Ha to check if open files has been updated to 10240, such as: Execute service rippled start and it should operate correctly.
  8. No one should attempt to empower another for... ulterior motives, right everyone? I find it hilarious that people are not furious at the potential for real and very serious abuses enacted by Ripple Inc and the shadow government for the situation he described on the official forums which befell him a few months ago instead of being furious directly at him for his situation clearly being out of his complete controll; Those powers that be involved with discrediting his character are probably laughing maniacally at all of us for their perceived success in his discrediting & successfully stealing his IP, time, freedom, and wealth too boot. Everyone attempts to be accepted as a base human need for social contact. I know a psi/prana/chi/energy vampire (i.e. attention whore for those that reject these apt labels) whenever I see one in person or read forums because I am a successful one, especially on the official forums and to a much lesser extent on XRPtalk while it lasted. I can surmise that is probably why @datz had to provoke this response from you... To point out hypocrisy within our community lacking a community economy and to show you would not provide compensation for a piece of information technology to assist your campaign... All at once and with a crazy Canadian to soundly back him up. The discrediting process continues with you deciding to publicly post a denial for either of us 'undesireables' to access your opportunity to commit labour for due compensation which in turn denies the Ripple community's emerging economy an example where creative forces were employed for an end result with due compensation instead of pro bono/for nothing. The discredition works well and just like this... Have someone with a high post count or title, like moderator, make another example to those less knowledgeable (or in denial about the severity of what befell datz's work/IP) of the not-so-secret wars conducted against certain individuals as a part of an informational & psychological war in relation to awakening individuals to sound economic policies and libertarian philosophies. It is too bad that as a Gateway I get to stick up for him and others which have been affected by entities which attempt to control production of 'undesireables' and/or undesireable results. The fact of the matter at hand is that certain beings feed from the negative and/or positive attention they receive because that energy provides self empowerment. To facetiously paraphrase another member's piece of negative hypnosis for an example particular to this situation for some great justice: The moons of Venus are nice this time of year.. Therefore you should consider becoming a ruler of intelligent life residing within that geographic location and its proximity due to a failure of self governance.. which was for some unknown reason surrendered upon birth by being born into a Collectivism based society... Yeah, it is ridiculous and meant to seem ridiculous to those that do not critically think within this world, but it is the harsh reality we are all attempting to get out of now; My governance is only for myself and no one else but go and play your social arena game @Haydentiff & try your best... Good luck and have fun with the campaign without our help. I genuinely hope you get into the US congress to try to correct social injustices, your potential opportunities to feed from and feed into positivity is great... I am going to say that I am disappointed in you though, you are feeding some negative agendas, an you could have provided a small bit of compensation for some IT work... I thought you would do something better with your time than just try to join what is essentially a legal mafia instead of attempting to empower true liberty for individuals coupled to your interest and enthusiasm with crypto/Ripple. No one should try to bite another within this thread from now on unless unless their bark is as well refined as mine is a good line to end these thoughts on.
  9. We are. Just wait until I finish my latest project with Chris Larsen, then we will see what happens to the Ripple Community after a nice little essay is written. Then again my words could be used in vain because I have not yet 'signed my life away.' @datz is right, we are rich, just in time and purity of purpose and soundness of mind when it comes to providing liberty minded solutions in lieu of empowering thought processes and business which would not serve the greatest amount of social justice for as many people as possible. I could be working for a bank or a software firm, hell I could have just continued to peddle cannabis, but nope I am using IT, hypnosis, and my knowledge of spirituality plus quantum sciences to the best of my ability to empower my trueself, thereby empowering society through my successes and fails which in turn shapes perceptions of fame and infamy. I would rather be known to history as 'doing the right thing's even though I am human an I have flaws, am imperfect, and make mistakes. Datz and I are not the only two developers working like this, don't worry, sane devs are out there performing commits. 10℅ of people will always hate me, 10℅ will love me, and 80℅ won't read and/or care and I am fine with this an so is Datz (an probably because we botg know our intents are pure at the end of the day, unlike some others in this industry). Love life live and empower the positive thought creatures you possess instead of the negative ones. Remember that negativity is only a lack of positivity and the craziest & weirdest people in society know that negativity is only a lack of the positive. Namaste and remember that I only employ hypnosis for just causes and just tips (such is the way of the open source developer, remember that I am basically a hooker for information & information technology).
  10. Acceptability is the ability to accept concepts and principles formed by a mental state, hopefully based on sound judgement, to perform a moral and ethical decision based upon what is accepted. When any concept seems to be unacceptable it is based on the individual's perception, cognitive state, biological factors, etc but simultaneous external pressure from the society in which you are born into and raised with also impedes or progresses acceptability, morals, and ethics. Due to this complexity and cognitive dissonance, I myself have struggled with the actualization of my true self. My true self is being constrained through a series of well established institutions and collective efforts, governmental and non governmental. Due to psychological and informational wars, acceptability, ethics, and morals are changed within the self due to internal and external forces. Internal forces are biological factors which is the mainstay of physical reality but due to the spiritual knowledge acquired over many years of research and general life experience as disadvantaged, I see a society who strives to be accepted and will seek acceptance, even if our trueselves would be unwelcome to think and act in the ways in which they do, as a minority or majority, to serve a divide and conquer agenda set in motion by States to distract their citizens from the fact that we are all just simple but simultaneously complex human beings seeking acceptance. Acceptance can be found internally and externally, you can meditate and discover more of yourself or you can use external confirmation of other individuals' perception, wisdom, and knowledge. Differences in logical conclusions and their rhetoric is either simple or complex but nonetheless a response is all that is needed for confirmation; Even if the topic at hand in a conversation is not agreed upon or no solution is provided as that is how philosophy operates at a very high level. Think of acceptance like rape. Rape is a horrible crime that both men and women commit. However sex itself is not a crime, it is a biological function and it is a human compulsion. Now think of persuasion as a concept; Is persuasion in and of itself rape? If my ability to postulate is accepted to myself as I believe in acting in a particular fashion then I simply act on it because my views of that concept, principle, or action is justified in some fashion to be the truth. The initiation of physical force onto another human being to abate a biological need is the only way perceived by an individual as a true cause and effect of the mind and body, then that individual will unfortunately carry it out to the fullest extent that they can comprehend and act upon. The question which stands now is 'is internal and external persuasion a rape that is played and replayed internally and externally?' Is it just for a nation state to force their economic policies on their citizens if law is just even if the economic system in designed to be corrupt? Is it just for an individual to allow themselves to or conversely never think or talk about the shadows that haunt their core? No, this is just persuasive hypnosis to incite a mental disturbance for the reader to question perceptions of realiy; is text is a talisman. It is a mental projection of emotions, concepts, principles, and actions which shape a human mind, thereby shaping the individual's society and culture. Everything that could be a 100℅ wrong to one person or all of humanity could be accepted as 100℅ just, true, and right to one person or the whole of humanity. So I ask myself and my world, is it okay for mental rape to be applied to yourself from yourself and all external factors? I ask tough questions of myself and of my world because I do not know and I challenge all of you with the notion that humanity can never draw a sound solution to this talisman. Please just make good choices for your true self. Do not surrender your mind or yourself to unjust hypnosis. Learn and create positivity and peace internally and externally. Namaste.
  11. Dragin you all out of the ashes and dust; Not dragon! You can choose your own belief systems consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously. Did you know that the true meaning of "*ly" implies lead? One of my nicknames from Opportunity Manor was Professor Poof Poof Piffle; Hah!
  12. I operate a single account but Anonymous can take many forms; Permissioned Ledgers and all. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Operation Icarus is in progress. Expect us. Laugh with my jokes, not at me, I am selling and yelling and telling you all you need to know at any given time you choose to absorb, retain, and use my imparted thought forms to shape your physical form on Earth; We are miracles made up of particles. Would you kindly aboard the meaning of the below music at your total convenience?
  13. I'm yanking all of your chains here and starting an absurd discussion to garner a better discussion. Ripple is empowering banks without any attempt to empower an economy based on the Ripple system. Vote for the parties that make a difference with your time and economic values. Use the tools to do the most good for as many people as possible while avoiding doing harm for as many people as possible. This will either mean nothing to all or some of you but I do not care..all of us are setting up a karmic immunity program. Anonymous bids you and your family well because we are all METAnonymous; Sorry/Not sorry for the masterful trolling. You're all welcome! That wasn't snide either, I'm just stating you you could be will come since you have the willpower to commit your consciousness to any task you deem appropriate (or inappropriate) for the purpose of creating positivity and/or negativity. Last, I promise I have only employed hypnosis on the Ripple community for great justice and for societal change hence the reason why I had to involuntarily be sucked/stuck into a nut house and drugged up...probably the exact same thing that happened to @datz too, eh? I cannot be affected by negative agendas. Those that read me should know this strongly by now. Get the fuck off of my plane, it crashed in May and now I'm a Phoenix so just watch me fly. I didn't perceive getting murdered several god damn times to be judged! Now all of you should get back to your work! Peace! LOVE LIFE LIVE.
  14. That is my job. My name is Taylor Warden, meaning something to the effect that I tailor protection. Don't thank me too much, this is just my job I'm doing, carry on now as you please
  15. Just secede from this system and create a better one before this political and economic system dies a wonder full death. Remember that love is the prime currency of Earth and we were moulded into a separatist believe we are not one being experiencing itself subjectively for all that is to learn more of its true self...or not...the Lucifer experiment and all.