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  1. I've PM'd nikb about the transaction. In a nutshell when I explore the transaction hash it says it was successful, which makes sense because the XRP I transferred made it to the destination. It was at the time of the transaction where I would normally see the result being 'success' where I had the result that it couldn't verify the transaction. I'm using the Ripple Desktop Wallet, which I've used for years with no issues. Nikb is unsure as to the reason for the error.
  2. To the experts out there I have a question. I'm making a transaction that has been created in a wallet in an offline mode on a computer that never gets connected to the internet. The validated transaction file (text file) is then used to make the transaction on a computer that is connected to the internet. When submitting the transaction it gives me the message that the transaction is unable to be validated by the network, but it is in fact going through. I can see at the destination (an exchange) that the transfer has taken place. I've done numerous transactions like this in the pas
  3. Having lived for a number of years in Saudi and learned a good amount of arabic while I was there, the correct pronunciation is Koo - wait, with the emphasis on the second syllable. The logo for Al Rajhi bank (pronounced Ar Rajhi as the L is silent in this case) was always a source of comic relief for the expats. Watch the video and it should be obvious.
  4. Happy with the sequence and how that all works. When I create a transaction off line, it names it with the sequence number included, so it is obvious which one is next. If I get confused, a simple explore of the account using bithomp lets me know which is the next transaction. Thanks for the advice. Been holding since 2014. I have no intention of selling out, but not securing my financial future by selling a portion now would be pretty brainless. Whilst I think the future of Ripple is far more secure now than when I initially purchased over 3 years ago, it still not guaranteed. There is s
  5. Thanks for the prompt replies. The transactions are transfers to an exchange for sale. The XRP is sent to a unique account within the exchange that goes to me only, so I'm happy that even if someone does get hold of the transaction file, all they can do is send it to my account for sale. The reason for the question was that I sometimes need to go away for work, and I don't want take a CD drive and the transaction CD with me. I'd prefer to have a bunch of transaction files prepared and loaded onto my computer and use them if/when required. It sounds like this is perfectly safe. T
  6. Hello all, long time reader here who has learned a lot from the forum. I have a question for someone who is an expert in the vulnerability of transactions made and signed off line. This is my situation. I have substantial holdings of XRP, acquired a number of years ago, which I am now beginning to liquidate. Not all, just some. More than ever I think Ripple and XRP are going to be a global game changer. When things started to heat up last year, I purchased a computer specifically to put a wallet on, and leave it off line permanently, and use this for all transactions. I use
  7. Hi everyone. Long time reader and early adopter of XRP here. Very happy to see the trend over the last 2 months, but very confused how loads of people are still attracted to lots of other coins. I’m either blind, or they are, or both. After reading about the latest test of ILP where a transaction was simultaneously made across 7 ledgers, I was surprised to then read Coindesk’s article about how this now made it easier for banks to work with Bitcoin, and how this was considered a positive. I couldn’t help but think how this in fact couldn’t be worse for Bitcoin (and many other digital curr
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