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  1. Xrplover

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob and welcome. Great, informative stuff so far. 3 Questions. Is Cory Johnson’s departure good or bad? Any feasibility to Xrp being added to SDR? Any validity to the tweets by Leer912 on Twitter
  2. WOW. When XRP is named a cryptocurrency of a country, it can be added to the IMF SDR. Things are coming together.
  3. The drive up in price late 2017 and early 2018 seemed to have been largely driven by those 2 countries. Anyone know what is happening now?
  4. I noticed on Twitter #whalealert very large transactions of xrp from escrow, unknown wallets and OTC wallets. I wanted to see what this is about? Also billion dollar xrp transactions on XRP- L which I think stands for Ledger.
  5. Amazing read by a brilliant author. Jibes a lot with Rachel Lee’s (love her or hate her) tweets on Twitter regarding the IMF, SDR and XRP. There is plenty going on in the background. WE are in for good times. Cobalt, Coil, Codius, Xrapid, IMF, Institutional investors, the list is dizzying.
  6. I agree that institutional money is on the way. I just wonder how much of the downturn was the introduction of Bitcoin futures as the downturn seemed to coincide with it. I am sure the powers that be want to control the market. Hopefully, we (XRP) can break free.
  7. I am skeptical about how a start up would acquire this. It has to be backed by a group with deep pockets? Any ideas? I have one but I want to hear some answers first.
  8. Watch the youtube video Nov 17, 2017 by Esoteric Trading Solutions. Another must view for us xrp holders/believers
  9. My answer to all the naysayers is watch the Brighttalk video on blockchain technology September 21, 2017. End of discussion.
  10. All these forks and offshoots of the original should make people skittish in investing in bitcoin. People will lose a lot of money if BCH overtakes BTC. Hope the money flows to XRP.
  11. This is not bad news. Estimates are that only 1% of the world population or 8 million people are invested in cryptos. We are 4th with little interest. Imagine where we will be as interest inevitabily increases. Only a matter of time. Not if but when.
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