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  1. @Hodor, how many boom & bust cycles have you witnessed in the crypto sphere? As always, thanks for all that you do.
  2. "This calculator is based on the valuation model developed by Susan Athey (Board of Directors, Ripple) and Robert Mitchnick (Stanford Graduate School of Business) in the paper A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets" http://www.xrpcalculator.com/ Thoughts?
  3. Libra's launch (aka Zuck Bucks) have clearly gotten US and European Regulators/Central Bankers shook; it may just push them towards Ripple and XRP at an accelerated pace. Why? Ripple has been engaging with them for more than half a decade now but they have been dragging their feet. Facebook announces Libra without any olive branch extended to the existing powers that be making them feel threatened. There may come a time in the near future that the governments may realize that FB can't be stopped and they might want to fight fire with fire; what other entity/digital asset/tech than Ripple/XRP/ILP?
  4. Thanks Hodor. Caitlin Long of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force also has a great take on Libra
  5. Dre Ventures has been around for a while; he can post whatever he wants.
  6. I've been reading and listening to countless stories of peoples' experiences on Ayahuasca and DMT for years now, I hope to try it for myself one day. I have experimented with mushrooms and LSD years ago though but I'm sure the experience is very different. If psychedelics gives one this marvelous sensory-overload experience and possible insight(s) into...well this experience we call life, then meditation does the same thing but in the opposite direction via the direct experience of nothingness (sounds cold and bad, but it's actually blissful). I cannot speak for others, but it is within those depths of meditation that I experience the stream of consciousness as a passive witness, and have come to think that 'the perception of free will is an illusion'. That thought didn't come from me, it came to me. From where? I don't know (we can say that about all thoughts) but that's a discussion for another time and perhaps another forum.
  7. Great read JC. I've been a fan ever since I discovered your work a few months ago. I think whatever advancements / breakthroughs that may come from technology, the same old struggle between light and dark will exist. The battle will manifest in different shapes and forms, but nonetheless, it will be the same Ancient War. However, this battle is perhaps essential to the nature of 'being'; since there can be no light without darkness, and no darkness without light. Underneath duality and opposition, secretly lies a profound unity. A few questions for you JC.... -How many times have you done Ayahuasca? Have you tried DMT? -Do you practice meditation? If yes, what tradition? -Do you think 'Free Will' is an illusion?
  8. Unfortunately for Munger, the passage of father time has evolved his wisdom to sound like it came from a baby's brain.
  9. Great stuff thank you! So in other words, if i'm not mistaken, the better comparison would be between Lightning and Ripple's PayChan (which is off ledger and can scale 50,000+ tps). Cobalt sounds very promising!
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