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  1. Coinbase fees are highway robbery these days. I know about and used GDAX in the past, and it was definitely a more affordable side of CB, but... they also sit on bank transfers for at least 4-5 days after the transaction has fully cleared. To me, it was the final straw, and it happened multiple times. For every fiat deposit, they have a multi-day cash float... total ********. I will never say never, but it's highly unlikely I will ever give them my business again.... even if they do add XRP.
  2. I am tired of how they sit on deposits for an average of 5-7 days after the withdraw has cleared from the sending bank. What are they doing with everyone's money during those missing days??? I guess they like having a really large float at my expense. The CASH app is instant and charges around 1%, so I will never go back to Coinbase at this point.
  3. This is all pure speculation, but.... I could see the relationship between Coinbase and Ripple being problematic or strategic for a number of reasons. I could see Coinbase asking for reduced priced xrp and Ripple saying no way. Coinbase says, "We are a major market maker, and we want a market maker discount." Ripple replies, "You stand to make an absolute killing off xrp, and there is no way we are giving you xrp at a discount." It could also be that Ripple is working closely with Coinbase, and they simply don't want the volatility/attention in the crypto market yet. They could fe
  4. India is important for a number of really significant reasons. India has one of the largest remittance markets for labor in the world. India is also strongly committed to the idea of a "cashless" currency. There is about to be a digital currency revolution/conversion and by the numbers, India will likely be leading the pack. Indian banks have also shown a keen interest in Ripple and XRP. There is also the sheer number of people and the rapidly growing economy in India. India may not have had a huge impact on this last pump, but in the future, India will be one of the more important economies i
  5. Perhaps, but maybe not.... If Amazon has a large payment corridor, it might substantially benefit from developing its own liquidity in a foreign market. I.E. Amazon could set up an exchange in South Korea or India that could help with Amazon transfers while at the same time profiting on other third-party currency exchanges. If that type of relationship allowed Amazon to increase its purchasing power in a given economy, regulations might quickly change to allow for exceptions like this. The overall impact would be a net positive for the country.
  6. Ironically, xrapid allows corporations to become their own banks in many ways. BTCer's will moan at this, but if the libertarian idealism is real, this is exactly what they have always philosophically argued for.... hahaha
  7. Wells Fargo told me directly that they will freeze funds coming from any source known to have crypto connections.
  8. Everyone screams about decentralization, yet all of the transactions occur on a small number of centralized exchanges...
  9. Nothing in particular. It just seems like coinbase needs competition and the market needs competitive options.
  10. I am really hoping the marked uptick in xrp's success is providing incentive for other exchanges/Fiat on-ramps to be developed. Coinbase has certainly been rewarded for solving a lot of friction points when it comes to getting USD into cryptos, but there has to be some other people with the talent, ability, and drive to compete with coinbase. I will be happy to give them my business!
  11. Based on a low number of transactions per second and high energy requirements, I just can't see BTC being a predominant force in this space for much longer. My Bitcoin Maximalist friends believe that every conceivable crypto use-case will be built on top of BTC, and I just can't fathom why or how new crypto solutions will be built upon such an unstable foundation. Let's not even get started talking about Tether or the 1 million bitcoins kept in Satoshi's founder's wallet....
  12. 1. I looked at $50 bitcoin early 2013, and I thought it was already overpriced. I figured btc would have a first mover advantage for a while, but I also figured there was other technology out there that was yet undiscovered. XRP seemed to have some really interesting technological advantages that clearly differentiated it from btc and ltc. 2-3. My first buys were all on ebay. Then it graduated up to some sketchy MoneyGram transfers. Then the gateways started popping up. Eventually the exchanges came along, but like today, buying xrp usually required a btc conversion. While the delay was
  13. I believe it will be a very key store of value once liquidity/use is broadened. Stability comes from diversification. XRP will eventually be massively diversified into lots of payment applications, hedge funds, futures, and currency transfer markets. The overall "value" will be a conglomeration of all of these forces, and this will generate a stability in xrp that is necessary for something to be a store of value. Right now people are speculating on BTC/BCH being a store of value, but I don't see btc having a diverse enough use-base to generate a stability that people will trust with their lif
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