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  1. Guys, please dont bash on other contributors to this forum in that way. We shouldnt let our emotions take control, when investing/speculating/discussing It would be cool if this forum, and Ripple believers could represent such a standard.
  2. I personally believe that we are right in between "the awareness phase" and "Mania Phase" with institunional investing already done, and the first sell off happened at 0.40 to 0.20
  3. I think people misunderstand him very much, and xrp hodlers is looking at this wrong and emotional. What if BTC is the 8hitcoin, and he is long on xrp?
  4. Yeah sorry, i meant: using the ripple tech to "power" the card. Sort of like how TenX is exchanging the crypto to fiat instantly.
  5. If xrp is as fast as VISA, maybe faster, and alot cheaper - why doesnt Ripple or anyone go for issuance of a credit card? Banks could also be the ones issuing the cards, and then they could save even more, which Ripple could encourage. Is there something i am missing here? Ofcourse there will be obstacles in implementing such a card, but is the "general" idea a stupid one? Or maybe it will be "too many balls in the air" for Ripple, as it is not their main focus. (First post btw, maybe you can tell :))
  6. How low do you guys think it will go before turning? Seems to me like tomorrow will be "black friday", so im buying up!
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