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  1. OK, so it's just market manipulation, this happens every time (every nanosecond) in every market. This happens to the stock market, the bullion market, the bond market, the forex market and other markets.
  2. I don't get how this is a bug at all, everything looks fine to me, I suspect this to be market manipulation. @KarmaCoverage
  3. gotta love the emotes and the "OMG" quote, crypto youtubers never fail at making shitty thumbnails
  4. I think most of them are given a 'tip' about recent XRP news and someone from the inside is giving these tips away to demoralize XRP holders, holy shit I am going insane. Publish bullish news -> do this 100 times -> suppress the price -> hundred of thousands of demoralized investors
  5. >BRitcoin calm down with the dad jokes!
  6. Has anyone else realized that Ripple is mainly telling others about their mediocre partnerships/research (e.g: Palau) and they've never really publicly talked about their big partnerships (a majority of them)? It has to be psyops to demoralize XRP holders, I've personally been thinking about this theory for quite a while, never told anyone else until now since it'll sound crazy to others.
  7. @Warbler When are you guys going to use Xrplorer's forensics services on your explorer? I suggest Bithomp to add it in order to reduce scam victims, I've suggested this to xrpscan and xrpl.org.
  8. this, dump it all, distribute the liquidity already.
  9. Thank you @Julian_Williams , is it possible for RippleNet users to bridge their funds from RippleNet to the XRP Ledger or a private ledger?
  10. The problem with maintaining your own payment system/application is that you would need to hire developers and experts to keep the application secure, there are literal hundreds of websites that have incompetent and insecure payment gateways/apps that are easy to manipulate/hack. I'd recommend you to speak with XRPL Labs, they maintain a secure and easy to use application called XUMM, it's used to hold XRP and send payments. XRPL Labs is funded by RippleX, I'll pass this to @Wietse.
  11. https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs/ It's interesting to say the very least that Ripple is hiring more engineers in the liquidity and crypto trading platform industry.
  12. Which website did you use, paste the link here. You most likely used a phishing site, someone stole your XRP.
  13. Thank you for the compliment but you wont be locked out forever due to the issue that I found: It will take years or longer for this ^ to happen.
  14. So, interesting new find, if you do use this method, there's still a way to in a way "unlock" your issued currencies. How? The XRP Ledger would need to reduce the account reserves, if they do, your previously reserved XRP is now spendable thus allowing you to transfer XRP/Issued currency to another account. There is no way to fix this issue but the chances of this happening is very low. Just saying .
  15. what meeting? could i get a link of somesort
  17. This could work (very very unlikely) IF the "blockchain" could access external data like users' browsing history, purchase history outside of the payment network, servers, chatrooms, friends and family... aka everything plus the blockchain must be sentient and be able to process the data in a secure yet scalable manner, which is a wet dream. Blockchain will never replace human work like investigation, it requires a lot of external data and a lot of human psychology/criminology.
  18. It's easy to bruteforce the password in XUMM (IIRC) since it's just a 6 digit long password, which would take 46,656 tries, that's not a lot in the bruteforcing business. BUT there is another different password that you could set up to access the private key to sign transactions which is a 6 digit long password OR a custom alphanumeric password. So it depends on how long your password is but once your phone is infiltrated somehow, just know your XRP account is doomed, so if you did lost your phone, re-key your XRP accounts in XUMM immediately. Your phone is encrypted if you set a password up (IOS), nobody could decrypt your phone without your phone's password. You don't need days to bruteforce a string of password using a botnet but generally, it really depends on how long the password is, I might be wrong btw.
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