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  1. @Warbler well ****, Gravatar suffered a data breach.
  2. why are you bumping your own thread using a newly made account, caught red handed ey?
  3. https://sologenic.org/?network=mainnet https://www.xrptoolkit.com/
  4. "guys if we go down this artificial line, itll go down because lines = supply & demand OOOOOOO" i still have no idea what these lines even mean, it used to be simple :/ *buy low and sell high*
  5. satoshi would switch his miner on and off to allow for a better distribution of Bitcoin to the other miners, he had a good intention, he could've kept it all for himself but he didn't
  6. This is the most relatable thing ever lol
  7. Even if the transaction fails in any way possible, aren't the exchanges supposed to validate if the transaction was successful or not before telling the user the transaction was sent? if you ask me, it doesn't matter if they run their own validator or not IF they had checked the transaction's validity :/
  8. So from my understanding, you're going to sell GLC for XRP: Sell GLC for XRP, Buy GLC for XRP because "guaranteed DEX liquidity": From my speculation, here's what you're going to do: Sell 10,000 GLC for 1000 XRP then Buy 10,000 GLC for 900 XRP, Pocket 100 XRP as profit. You technically did provide liquidity to 10,000 GLCs! or you're going to do something even more stupid and easily get caught. and then when people call you out, you just say: "I WAS JUST SUPPLYING THE MARKET'S DEMAND! I DID NOTHING WRONG ". As of writing this, a total of 3300 accounts has set up your trustlines.
  9. Why would people want to use a token that was made in a few minutes? People give monetary value to a certain asset/currency when there is a real demand or an incentive for it. A government issued currency has demand because the people governing over a country said so and the government forced businesses, citizens and government agencies to use said currency or go to jail. its called a Legal Tender. People who say fiat currencies are worthless are naive, it has value because an entity who runs the place said so and the citizens must agree, fiat currencies will not go away, perhaps it will due to mismanagement. This is an obvious get rich quick scheme just like @thinlyspread said, sad . If you want to peg GLC to XRP, it must be in a trust-less manner where no centralized authority could de-peg GLC and run away with the XRP. No? And in the next 9 years, nobody will use GLC. I specifically hate people who create a valueless token and try to market it like an oil snake salesman.
  10. Banks and FIs provide liquidity and exposure to the general public which allows XRP to act as an independent currency , if Ripple does not target FIs, banks and governments, a private currency would not be possible. XRP not only solves the triffin dilemma, it allows more liquidity to be tethered into a singular asset (XRP) by acting as a global bridge currency. People will not use GlobalCoin just because you said so, trust me, don't do it, it's much more complicated and you could face legal trouble.
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