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  1. I bought a weed pipe from a company called Thick Ass Glass and surprisingly they offered XRP as a payment method. That was cool to see.
  2. I know it is kind of our duty to evangelize XRP to the masses but I must suck at it or something because people glaze over the second I mention blockchain. I've stopped trying and I also don't want people to go buy into a bear market then get mad at me for shilling them.
  3. a dedicated domain to pump out their crap articles from, yes things are going mainstream from the looks of it.
  4. If you buy xrp and hodl long enough one of these "orchestrated" pumps will work out in your favor so don't complain.
  5. Alts being sold into BTC in anticipation of SEC ETF ruling. I think BTC will rise to around 9k then dump again and gut alts even more after the news but who knows.
  6. um the big difference between this year and last is we are in a bear market. BTC is going to top out shortly and alts are going to get even more rekt. Prepare your **** boys.
  7. BTC has a few more weeks/months of dead cat bounce then some sort of final bottom and capitulation then the turn around. XRP price will probably go lower. Once we start seeing volume again and x coin to moon news articles on Forbes is when you can be sure the market is turning around.
  8. If BTC gets and stays $6800 for a while this could be the bottom. If it doesn't break 6800, expect another leg down. No one knows what will happen but my vote is for leg down due to volume.
  9. I hope this is the bottom for BTC and therefore XRP but I am with the crowd that thinks this will be a prolonged and painful shakeout for at least another few months. Sentiment is low. Once Forbes starts pumping out BTC (or XRP) moon articles again we can get excited.
  10. BTC may bounce off 5k-ish and go back up, if it breaks 5k it is going to 3k-ish or lower. What happens around 5k is going to dictate a lot. 5k BTC= .3-.4 XRP.
  11. What do you get by telling me this? What do you get by talking people into HODLing when their gut and every bit of TA being posted right now is telling them to sell? You are essentially trying to FUD me by saying this crap. I will catch this rocket on the way back up and be sitting on a bigger stack of XRP than I was. How is that a bad thing?
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