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  1. Thanks, now I understand. And it wasn't a suprise.
  2. There is strange volumes on Bitstamp USD/XRP. Always 11:00 am (GMT +2h zone). Opinions anyone?
  3. You're right. We are in a same boat.
  4. It's harsh, you're right. But what happened to Tiffany. 2-3 years ago she was tough girl and now full of hate.
  5. I just wonder how can you and Nik sit in the same lunch table?
  6. It's called strategy and it's ment to be updated once in a while.
  7. Hei Tiffany, please tell me what do you want and what is your short time goal and long time goal with these cryptos.
  8. I just don't understand you anymore. Why don't you call Nik about all the complaints you have. Or Jed, he's the true professional like you scream everywhere.
  9. How old are you? Just curious. Have your heard old theory of supply & demand?
  10. Sorry, no...it seems more like hedgehog. I saw 71 tx/s, but maybe it's just updated or something.
  11. What the hell is that, never seen before.
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