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  1. Wow. I learned a lot reading this. Brilliant @JCCollins
  2. That was the worst interview I have ever seen. tech crunch....so unprofessional. Brad is a CEO. He has to act like one. Not like Arrington dropping Fbombs all over the place. Not sure why his politic matter. He is solving a real problem that helps a lot of people. and the stupid “fanboy” topic.... good grief!
  3. This is just going to politicize and polarize this already hard to obtain customer. I dont think this was a good idea.
  4. Ripple is gonna make an example out of this guy. Bringing in the big guns.
  5. It works. I tried it today. Sent to my toast wallet.
  6. No. Pure speculation. Just also commenting on how odd it was for Brad to say that. And then swift with the tweet about updating systems.
  7. Maybe he means individual banks. Perhaps the rest will come via swift mandate? (By Nov 2018)
  8. Same here. They just say be patient cuz they are processing backlog. It’s kinda stressing me out a bit.
  9. Congratulations @Hodor you deserve this big win. I mean serious respect for not only holding so long, But keeping the faith and always keeping it positive for so many years in the face of so many FUDDERS. And haters. I don’t know how you did it. But you definitely deserve this win and the riches that come with it. Raising a glass to you! ?
  10. Article on Fortune.com http://fortune.com/2017/12/13/ripple-litecoin-bitcoin-price-2018/
  11. Sweet! And absolutely amazing! You guys rock! puts BTC transactions to shame!
  12. I wonder if anyone at Ripple HQ timed how long it took to move 55 B. It seemed very fast! @nikb
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