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  1. Its a general insurance policy platform wide: https://medium.com/nexo/nexo-is-the-only-crypto-lender-to-offer-crypto-custodian-insurance-83e3cc5bd378 You mean this?: I think this sounds fair and good to know indeed if it functions accordingly. I can imagine people not being happy when this is done at low prices. (However, I am not on that platform to take a loan ) May I ask, because you say you tried Nexo small scale, a 'better' alternative is available?
  2. Is it possible to add the main XLM pairing(s)?
  3. Yeah real slick. Functionality in simplicity.
  4. I hope I posted this in the right spot, XRP is my primary hodl bag and was looking to use it together with banking services for convenience. I have looked for other (EUR) ways to get a good solid and reliable way to get some interest on my money without bunch of restrictions because my bank is getting more and more expensive and a lot more reasons for sure. I came across a platform called Nexo. Created an account for experiences and immediately was sold. Great interest on your EUR (and/or $) account of 8% (also on some stabilecoins, for XRP etc. interest is coming as well) and your account insured for $100M, if I am not mistaken by spelling, by Lloyd's London. There a re many benefits within the account to be found like a crypto credit line, a platform coin for a form of dividend (lol) by ratio and time (2018: 7,6% and 2019: 12,7% annual rate). PAXG is offered as well for those who are still saving for a safe but already have a computer with internet . To good to be true? They are focused on lending (also based on your crypto assets) and with the usage of the Nexo coin (and the Swiss banking background and regulations in place) makes this an interesting option. The negatives are you cant use other named accounts to transfer money, depositing salary by an employer isn't possible yet. Long waiting list for the credit card. And some other smaller issues I have to dig in. Don't get me wrong it's not perfect but by far the best thing I have seen this far for what I need. I think this is a great option for a savings account with a form of crypto liquidity by a relatively solid fin. partner. When the interest rate on XRP goes live I will be using some coins for the annual rate if this will be in the range of the stablecoins 8% that is. Another point is the security. I am no IT-specialist in this area but only one Authentication option and no hardware security key option yet seems to be a missed opportunity. The combination of both is way more secure (so always check when dealing with your finances, especially what YOU REALLY NEED TO DO YOURSELF, in relation to safety and security). Invest time and money for those coming in recently and unaware. Safety is relative we know now. 8% interest on my EUR account, crypto's available from my account, combining my XUMM app and so on. This is something I can really use and was waiting for it. I believe a lot of people with me. This is in no way a promotion and/or my way to refer people to this service and always check it out thoroughly please. Maybe I am missing something and am aware of the possible risks, so should you. I believe I am more at risk with my current old dino bank and the insurance on my account is only 25k (backed by the government, I am paying for my own crappy insurance payout ). But that's personal and got nothing to do with you. This is a taste of the future imho. Liquid accounts, full of assets transferable into another in an instant, cold/hot storage by providers, investment options all in one place. If better regulations are in place, I can see these accounts becoming useful real fast (and my old dino bank falling even faster making it even more risky besides the ongoing printing press operations by the FED company). So, my own bank? That's for you to judge. Enjoy and stay safe!
  5. Thanks for the overview! Great stuff! One item missing (maybe?): https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/japan-cryptocurrency-regulation-updates-2020 JPY <-> XRP is taking a loooooong time. This could be a real beginning (for crypto in general)...
  6. Awesome site, top notch. Maybe '(De-)sellect all' as filter option for comfort (see pic). If you want to select only two pair you have to click 7x to get the two desired benchmark pairs. If you can arrange all the direct competition pairings in there as well for options you will become the #1 crypto universal overlord supreme meister in my book. Nice incentive as well for all parties involved I believe (a man can dream)... The mobile 'version' isn't the same experience and I can imagine this is still work in progress?
  7. That doesn't say much. Are you a day trader cashing out any wave or a bag holder never returning after cashing a one time huge sum. Please don't answer this one
  8. 2000 reasons to hold XRP. $ 2000,- could be one of them for some of them, but thank you for this latest day dream. For a moment I felt human again.... anyway, back to work.... P.s. I saw Youtube vids recently stating XRP is designed for a 3 zero price valuation to move huge amounts of XRP on the ledger with enough liquidity. A whole lot of if's indeed. We have seen a price of $3 ones and not many could benefit from it in reality.
  9. They start exactly at the right time, did that especially for you because I knew you can be a bit lazy . No thanks required. You can speed youtube video's up by the way or hire someone to do your work for you. Exactly the reason why the information in the video is so important for you to further understand how insider are talking about it so you have a better view and also know what you are talking about. Probably the best and most detailed info you will get in relation to the MoneyGram partnership (and need, while hoping for better and specific questions). Your views on things are not important and your questions off. Let me try to answer some: Yeah.. really??!! Check the guys recent video where Bitso was guest on a live podcast with all kind of BTC maxi's. Fun to watch the ignorance about the MXN/XRP corridor and XRP in general. No question detected by the AI, moving on... sorry for the inconvenience Question can't be answered because ODL seemed to be a prototype for the IoV, a global thing, something you don't understand because it seems to be too much information for you or taking to long. Everything is taking soo long for you. Your emoticons are touching but are not considered a question mark and your statement what would make sense seems to be false for now. I keep my own opinion, thank you. Yours is not concerning me at all but like objectivity in these kind of topics. So...., come again? You get good info here, free of charge (but mostly for anyone else reading this to be honest ). I hope you will get it at some point but am afraid for that future (and also do a prayer for those on other forums if you have interest in other crypto projects). More detailed info about the workings of the XRP valuation models by JK, it will complement the video:
  10. @xerxesramesepolybius check out this recent video on the Moneygram ''market development fees'. The problem and solution are discussed here. To The Lifeboats is an excellent source for anything XRP and crypto related imho: The discussion is also great because of the negative comments made in relation to Ripple PR and the current financial state MoneyGram's in at the moment. And check the diagram with transfer volume and the competition on the 15th minute (and who's in bed with Ripple on that list ). There is another interesting point he made. A new rail. A unique product, Account to account processing MoneyGram is working on in relation to ODL. Reason enough for a separate topic: Additional, they extended the contract (to 2023) .
  11. WietseWind works from the Netherlands. After he went to the Dutch Central Bank in nov 2019, someone asked if the (regulated Dutch) future looked bright? He replied: XRPTipbot is now using Uphold. The reason for it was the Dutch regulators are demanding an unknown sum on top of taxes or Tipbot wouldn't exist anymore today: It looks like regulators are buying time with unreasonable demands. Such demands are only frustrating for starters. It won't help anyone besides those who can easily pay any amount. A blanc cheque? Wow. Your government and their finance friends will be arranging your (expensive) digital future for you. And hero's like Wietse need our support.
  12. I was making a little fun sorry about that . Then again interesting to see pairs are vanishing as well as coming. Wouldn't have expected a drop of 28 pairs, seems a lot.
  13. So according to the strategy of diminishing 28 XRP based pairs, bringing the community to the exchange thus leading to a steady increase of XRP trade volume on the platform? Am I reading this correct? Which pairs caused the community to stay away?
  14. The only reason I can think of is the definition of competition is probably different from his point of view? This would terrify me if I didn't see progress (or Kitao not shilling anymore). Luckily this man is no fool (understatement) and he will be crucified if his project fails. Or named the new Japanese emperor if he succeeds. P.s. no Kitao shiller here, just thinking out loud. The investments done by SBI and SBI VC will have a significant impact and time seems to be the key factor indeed not just for XRP but for crypto/blockchain in general. SBI is all over it and I would like to complement my portfolio with some stocks as well. But for now you are right, there is little real-world action going on. And from a world economical point of view a new global crash should have consequences soon and could impact everything. Mr Kitao doesn't seem to be worried about that? Strange world we live in these days.
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