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  1. Can you explain my side or view? I am just asking questions to get a better understanding of things I believe. And from your point of view, wouldn't you expect the economy to tank considerably the coming period making investing in crypto for many the last thing on their minds and more future progress could be delayed? Tanking economy means less 'value' in crypto as well? I am long on XRP and will not sell them but spending money on other assets seems to be the smartest advice in general? There are few people with job security or with a positive mindset because there is blood in the streets and stuff seems to be cheap. I do follow you there. I am not panicking. I just want to prepare for the next one. This one took me by surprise and I have the feeling you was already sufficient prepared . Good for you.
  2. Figures. Will there be a price correction in the rate coming because the scarcity at the moment? Thank for the info. Appreciate it. In any other situation I would have done the same. My interest came from having valuables to trade and prepare besides a lucrative/risky investment like XRP. And if you don't spread any risk, isn't that a bit foolish if I may ask?
  3. Do you understand why silver is still under performing? As it has been for a long time. Could that be done with silver as well? More importantly, would that make any sense at all in your opinion? And if you buy gold, how do you (avoiding premiums) or do you buy it via PAXG or other means? Just a thought; when this crisis thing ends sooner than expected and people will liquidate their Gold positions and get on with their lives creating the 'Gold bubble' to pop while silver is still under performing. Would that be a scenario to keep in mind? Perhaps hedge with Saw this chart of the Futures performance last 3 months with a 20% loss on Silver. Amazing to see the price of silver only 200% above 1975 If countries start buying up even more gold. Could that have an effect on the silver price as well in a positive way? Or maybe another Rhodium opportunity under 6k comes along ;-)
  4. The blog post can be found here: https://blog.xpring.io/interledger-stream/ About Interledger STREAM: https://interledger.org/rfcs/0029-stream/ Great developments as far as I understand them and I believe these blind tags are a great idea as well.
  5. Found this 'little' newsnugget.. https://u.today/228-mln-xrp-transfer-detected-ripple-wires-one-third-of-it Another whale entering these waters or did somebody in here other this large meal?
  6. https://blocktribune.com/thailands-siam-commercial-bank-will-not-use-ripples-xrp-token-any-time-soon/ I can't even fathom the reasons for posts on XRP being made on that level of world banking. A slip? Deliberate? To be more exact and complete: You can click the image for the original Twitter post.
  7. I can't reply to that if you are being to lazy to support your claims. There is a lot said and I am not disputing him making positive predictions. Quality of posting is the point and the lack thereof. Be specific or don't post until you know would be my suggestion. Pointless discussions this way. Just some friendly advice.
  8. what something did he say exactly along what lines? Positive? Where and when? Sorry, I couldn't discover it. Maybe that was the 1% positivity left (on another forum)? Maybe I missed it? Good for you. Hold those zerps, or not. There will be some extra time added with everything going on in the world right now. Seem to be important, world developments in relation to fintech developments. Besides fear and victims of course. Maybe? When you have straightened that part out for yourself and accept responsibility for your own actions, you wouldn't be posting what you are doing now, so we know you are not there yet. Anything coming to you in this world will be able to pursuit you, so you are a danger to yourself and others. I always have mercy for those images in the dark. But continued ignorance can't be sustained very long to be honest. And personal attacks are really low and do you no favor. Perhaps you could drop your play and start growing? Maybe some well thought and critical questions could give you salvation? .
  9. I absolutely agree with that. https://u.today/ripple-prepares-to-take-off-in-next-two-years-with-asia-being-its-main-focus One of them was Ripple's senior vice president of product management Asheesh Birla who predicted that Ripple would be 'really taking off' in the next two years. "I think will be really taking off in the next 2 years. The world order will be reshuffled using the blockchain technology. I think Asia will lead the pack," he said. Garlinghouse agrees In response to Birla's comment, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, tweeted that he knew what he was talking about. … I believe there are older statements available as well from Brad. The only thing we know at this moment is regulations working 'against' crypto as well as the 'community' and negative media output (changing because of the recent developments as far as I can see). Banks have a strong lobby and network. Bank want to control keep control and have found legal ways to delay or control the time line could be said. It looks like the world organisations are in control and get exactly what they want perhaps? They are not ready yet they say so it all looks very convenient for them. SWIFT is joining blockchain alliances, Ripple changing their focus (with XRP) from cross border payments to other grand causes. The big club is working their ass off and now with this crisis slowing down the economy even more (and looks like a staged one imho, no offence intended to anyone). Interesting video about the deleting of the Digital Dollar out of the mayor Corona bill to prevent discussion it seems (and the other bills pending): No you can't trust them imho. It will probably be guaranteed. And maybe laods of people trust the government more than IOTA etc.? Any scandal with any of the 2000 coins will be exploited to damage reputation. At least there seems to be stability with banks and governments. We the people are the ones who are not that stable incl. those 'silly' open source projects with their hopium? This perfect economy for the people battle is far from won it seems? The Chinese government can demand restrictions like no other country, especially with so many inhabitants. They can force payments with this DRMB and claim trust that way. And internet restrictions and all the other instruments they control can do the rest. Besides, the IMF backing with their world currency forex basket of coins and the grip on the economy can not be underestimated. There are a lot of flaws in this system, I agree but most people don't even know what money is and don't want to think about it, they want to spend it on whatever and hate to have to worry about it. Life's hard enough for the majority. Another issue can be the size of money flowing in crypto. It will benefit the economy and eventually create a more healthy one but at what price. The world must transform to crypto with all that money. When and if the crypto buy in starts, the most powerful in this world become the most wealthiest within that system (again) and like always will reduce the world financial liquidity with a global crisis to prevent a reduction in their power or should I say to grow their influence? This happened so many times in the past?! Edit - found this article on the DRMB, found it interesting: https://technode.com/2020/03/27/alipay-will-be-central-in-chinas-digital-money-system/ https://steemit.com/kr/@mohamedsabry/china-s-tencent-to-invest-usd-200bn-in-ripple-technology
  10. What a sentence. Had to read that one three times .
  11. And why will this be different for a nation like Japan or a screw up like the EU in your opinion? (Why would Garlinghouse keep saying it will begin in Asia?) And what country or zone you think will be first? The dollar? South Korea? Maybe the IMF will also play a role with their SDR to balance things out? Or do you have other insights?
  12. Saw something from her I believe a while back but forgot about it. Thanks!
  13. This article I wanted to share with you because of the world economic implications of of blockchain. It is believed to start right there in Asia the new world economical playing ground and ripple over the rest of the world. Japan backed by the US looks like a step behind from what is known at this time. All the media is covering corona and underline the usefulness of digital money as physical money could be contagious. A narrative pushed by the main stream and agenda's circulating on the web suggest the political and commercial world is preparing for this new world. And competition enough. These national currency will not be trusted by the world per se and need transportation. Japan being pushed by China and behind with their own digital Yen could push them to (temporarily) use another crypto until ready while the main rails are build for cross border payments. Maybe an opportunity knowing the market share of SBI. Wishful thinking I know, I am not a cheerleader. Being pushed towards digital however is the world we are living in imho and difficult to escape from. So I observe and share . I have seen a lot of information and story's about possibilities and opportunities but what I miss is the part that a liquid economy will be very very different from what we have known in most cases. The acceleration of moving money around the world will be very extensive. The money that will be freed and comes available because transaction times are reduced significantly will in my humble opinion make the recent innovations look like kids toys and will create a whole new level of (financial) markets. These times are remarkable. Seeing the birth of the net with new eyes sort of. On the other side, SBI have been flirting with BTC or BCH not sure any more but XRP is one of their favorite cryptos and could play a big part in this story of winning this important first race. An advantage that can be crucial for many years to come. I can't dig into SBI much more because of the lack of translations and my understanding of those markets and legal system. Please feel free to add to this information and I am wondering what new markets can be created because of this possible new flow of money as well? 'The same money' changing hands many more times a day an will be more frequently invested because it will become dormant faster in comparison to the 'old' world. Every valuable item can or will also become part of this digital market as it already partly is in a centralized way for some. Now ownership's will shift in the time of buying a croissant freeing up investment money would be a logical conclusion. Besides the already freed nostro trillions. What happens behind the scenes nobody knows besides some insiders. Maybe the time has come for XRP to really take of I am not sure but with the new Ethereum roadmap for the coming 5-10 years by Vitaly and BTC still under performing something else is maybe needed and can be used already? Meanwhile Ripple China https://u.today/ripples-partner-american-express-targets-chinese-market-files-license-application https://ripple.com/ripple_press/ripple-announces-new-university-blockchain-research-initiative-partners-expands-to-china-and-singapore/ https://ripple.com/ripple-press/ripple-on-full-scale-to-tap-into-south-korean-market/ https://ripple.com/ripple_press/ripple-extends-reach-emerging-markets-five-new-customers/ https://ripple.com/ripple_press/ripple-adds-several-new-banks-global-network/
  14. I am still hoping for an intelligent, well thought post or reply from your side so please do continue. You still have time. You are only a mouse click or finger pressing away from changing your perspective any moment in time. Even if it got something to do with bananas and pink elephants, you can accomplish it. There are good channels out there to watch who don't particularly want to press their agenda and keep repeating to investigate for yourself. Those are also mentioned. And there are more general crypto channels as well. Figure it out. People who are making negative statements are creating their own reality or are 'paid' to frustrate most of the time. Just like the XRP fanatics on the other side do the same thing the other way around. Maybe there is some money to be made in this industry? Nobody is responsible for YOUR actions, your investments, your words. I would like to suggest to use them more wisely. Maybe the discussion is not about what is the problem with XRP or the community? Maybe you have a problem with XRP? Figure that out first and you're almost there with probably less frustration on your minds. Or keep on doing what your doing for whatever reward.
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