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  1. I didn't say it is a problem, it was something TH said. Don't twist words and I don't have time to repeat sorry.. You said the ledger is Ripple top priority right now and creating discussion for the discussion it seems to me. You are creating things here I didn't say or intended to say. I am sorry for expressing myself so foolishly it seems? I made clear statements on that. Not saying Ripple doesn't have XRP as priority. I like your narrative don't get me wrong and I will hope everything goes as you think it will. Forgive me, I believe you brought up points against statements TH made. You brought PayID into the mix, I have no clue what that got to do with anything besides interoperability. The point was made by TH about wanting more development from the community and/or outside Ripple's stakeholder group. I love the wonderful additional thoughts you present in discussion on a forum. Seems successful. And here I am getting out. Sorry for not being more clear and you seem to be unable to review posts you are reacting to. A sensible discussion this way cost me too much time. I wish you the best.
  2. I am sorry I am not able to clearly present my views in relation to the business model of Ripple for as far as I can comprehend it. The assumed conclusion you have made based upon my posts, don't make sense to me. Or I am not understanding you correctly it seems. I'll try again; Ripple's KPI's and contracts will have nothing to do with the XRPL (in most cases) I believe. Can we also agree if they lose customers because Ripple's focus would be on the ledger and not the use cases of their customers, BG wouldn't be CEO at this moment? Can we also agree coming from TH saying Ripple moved all XRPL expertise to Xpring as far as she knows it, we can at least assume a big part of truth can be found within that statement until we discover otherwise for now? And maybe there is logic in that as well? I don't know more about it, love my own thoughts a lot but it wouldn't be fair to me following them blindly of course. I am not talking about the validators issues or the long term commitment of Ripple to preserve the XRP 'ecosystem', whatever that means or Ripple not understanding the value of their oil. I am talking 'priorities' by Ripple in relation to their developments at specific moments in time, like the phase we are in now. Can you please keep that part of the discussion with TH please?, I don't have any additional insights on that issue, thanks. I didn't say they don't care about XRP (I said their main use case until now is selling it besides investments / 'costs') and I use Xumm myself. Facts are, little activity on the ledger. PayID is not an XRPL product. SBI coming, PolyS, Mooja, R3 ao, I know. It's all coming for a long time now. If the lion share of coins are centrally hold, all kinds of risk come from it i can imagine. I don't understand the reason of risk assessment by banks and if this is/was a big issue to begin with. What I can see is banks are preparing rigorously for a chain future for a while now. A lot of them are Ripple customers and they seem to benefit already (without the ledger mostly) and the 'adoption phase' far from reality it seems. Again? What should the focus be? And if regulations, customer safety, assets safety are the mayor issues, as the narrative goes, don't you think an XRPL-ledger will have the lowest priority, besides the possible risks? Tomorrow we can re-evaluate but it seems a crisis will have it's effects on our world first we have to consider as well imho. From what I understood (the little I know) the biggest issue in relation to adopting the technology are the actual customers/investors primarily holding back (and regulations partly preventing new entries). I found a lot of these signals and have to agree on the point, awareness within those groups would benefit the sector the most. If you leave it to mass media the narratives are known; fear and warnings to get the message across.
  3. Maybe she wants XRP holders to swap sides or do side investments? Maybe she is using our voice to generate more news for whatever reason? Maybe? Bye bye interoperability hahahaha. Why? I love critics in here, finally something real to discuss besides all technicalities holder's barely comprehend or pushed media items and fan video's? The reasons for this all? If the road to hell is paved with 'good' intentions ,with what the road to heaven is paved ? Don't we all in a way ? And exactly the point I was trying to make describing the core focus of the (influential) entity Ripple, focus on itself. For me it's about taking something good out of everything and learn from (bad) experiences with an open mind. Crazy little me.
  4. Popular opinion is great. But facts remain. Not agree with everything TH said but my ideas and accepted narratives prevent me from seeing things clearly perhaps? Isn't Ripple a company in the 'old' world with old financial connections solving old problems for old banks with old money with other ideas than you would like perhaps and lobbies we don't understand besides political influences, global circumstances and so on? No offence but the time for crypto is not there yet, and for a reason it seems. How many more years do you want to believe everything is wonderful around the ledger? Please don't get me wrong, I believe more is going on and do have seen a lot of 'info' on it, but that's just it, besides the real cases coming to fruition, and those are very little until now. I do understand ODL for a part and can comprehend the value it can generate but the question in this topic for me is: Can Ripple create the XRP ledger value by themselves with their partners or not at the end of the day? If the time is not right and you would stand in some big shoes at the top of the world, what would your laser focus be? And if you say all in on the ledger as Ripple CEO, I would search for another employer if you would enter that ship. And sure Xpring delivers some, SBI is doing it's part other projects like Bitso seem to be doing great but Ripples customers are not XRP ledger community members. It's a weak point, like it or not and other more community oriented assets have that issue the other way around, the reason interoperability seems to be the priority for Ripple (wink/wink) meaning making any form of currency available within their services. This could indicated another direction as well. Great for the ledger in the end from my point of view but got nothing to do with work on the ledger as we speak. I am not insinuating anything, just thinking out loud here. So in this world we live banks want it all because they own it all and trust me, they get it all from what I have seen recently and in the past years. Things will change sure to a new liquid world order thing and XRP will play its role, I am here and will holdl my little bags of coins. But having believes, like TH said, Ripple is going to solve the issues around the ledger 100% superfast, is a superstitious narrative in a very dangerous world, imho. Not a popular opinion and we (world/crisis) are not out of the woods yet by far, crypto not ready to adopt while the masses scream regulations. That picture is was clear a long time ago. In that way I support TH saying a revolution will not be initiated by Ripple. They will provide (freemium) corporate services with blockchain technology generating a lot of profits while holding a huge amount of 'discovered oil' ready for further development at their leisure. Besides because the own the mountain I do believe companies looking for projects calculating risks can be very hesitant to jump in. Again I understand all work done by all parties (SBI etc.), read all the news facts on XRP, ledger and Ripple. A lot is coming (for a long time now). Am I worried? No. Why? because at the first time of speculating in XRP I calculated the risks and calculated delays by a factor 3 or 4 (worse case) after BG said 2-4 years in 2017. I added a little more a year ago. Besides, it's not my life savings because I know the risks involved, see them very clearly and don't think or dance around them. Everything will be safe and sound for bank customers in the 'Western' world and customers 'protected, privacy in order, with their insurances and other expensive services etc. leaving 'the crumbles' for newer fintechs. At the time the competition gets a real chance it will be niche or it will be bought with the fortunes generated by custody and capturing the flows of value via a tokenized economy (newly generated flows) after all is said and done imho and the controllers dictate pace, stepped on the global (economic) breaks. If you look at the largest part of Ripple's customers base and knowing the lobbies involved besides all other possible insights we don't have, please don't think we can assume anything. BG loves 'to solve use cases for real customers', and I would do the same in his big brown shoes because contracts demand me to. [Flak incoming, I don't give a $$$$ . Great heaving meaningful (to me) discussions, just a fool here]
  5. Appreciate the work done by those people. Isn't this exactly the difference between XLM and XRP? One more community driven the other top down? You seem to focus on Ripple's strategic decisions. Digging up one of the reasons Jed left as I understood it from a public discussion between JK and Jed. I appreciate the issues you bring up and more can be done apparently by Ripple according to your information but I doubt you see all and know what is best for Ripple? I do believe you know all about validators, want the ledger to be valuable in a meaningful way I can only imagine and appreciate you sharing concerns about the signals you get within your network. A small piece of information for everyone to digest as they please within a much bigger picture imho.
  6. Ripple worked on onboarding banks and ODL. They have a layered approach it seems and appreciate the value of XRP now and in the future for sure lol. They are on the rise because of XRP. But it's a risk to assume their primary focus is on the ledger. Their primary focus is Ripple (and their customer base). Their product suite contains an asset element (an important one indeed, highly valuable from my perspective). It's often difficult to interpret a question or remark let alone explaining thoughts. So forgive me in advance for my slip ups. Like said, the main use case is XRP (within that segment of their product suite). But an important pillar of their enterprise on the other hand and there is duality because Ripple is killing it without an actual 'world' use case based upon XRP besides Bitso + MG I believe. The use case in relation to cross border payments is Ripple's slogan. And they are doing that as we speak. They have also repeatedly stated their core focus with those settlements is XRP. Not the ledger if I remember correctly but do remember BG saying the XRP ecosystem. But like said, XRP can't function properly without a well functioning ledger so assuming Ripple will stand by doing nothing is an extreme and not likely at all. Maybe better to let the extremes not get to us. There are grey areas in life, there is always something in between and trusting an entity takes courage especially with hard earned money. I hold my XRP because I have used it many times and until now, didn't find anything better for what I am using it for, not saying there are non, I just use what I know. I see it's value. But from the start the only concern I have with XRP is actually Ripple and the bags they are holding. Besides their other activities creating use cases for Ripple as we speak the goal of creating a better world with XRP as a centerpiece can take a long time if it's not needed. Something to consider. In that way TH got a point, if you want XRP to be successful, not wise to wait on Ripple. Or take a gamble and your time.
  7. Sorry, I don't agree. The most prominent use case of Ripple for XRP is selling it, right? Lion share locked in escrow. There are other use cases as well like financing projects (Xpring ao). She didn't suggest Ripple will let the ledger cave in. She didn't say Ripple is only interested in XRP for selling it (correct me if I am wrong). She said it's the main use case (for a long time now). That's basically true if we like it or not, no need to get emotional on facts. And I for one would rather see more XRP invested in ledger sources instead of locking it in escrow. Especially now the price is up (or is it still?) @TiffanyHayden Do you know how many people (incl. Ripple stakeholders) are working on the ledger (as far as you aware of)?
  8. From my point of view the discussion seems to have a deeper purpose without the need of becoming very technical. There is a lot of power in 'I' and development on the open ledger of whatever moves XRP is a great source of wealth. Why is it not being use far more after many years, especially by individuals not connected to Ripple? And what results do you see from her actions besides the beautiful coloured banners everyone is waving? And the effects that seems to have on you and probably others reading it is also something to consider. Personally, I get emotional with anything Doggycoin related. I have my limitations as well. TH's (ultimate/personal) intentions aside, what I discovered from it is that a community like XRP is far more powerful when it comes to the realization of ledger value. These forces colliding with the intentions of Ripple and stakeholders will multiply the speed of acceptance. Furthermore will challenge Ripple to become more important and protect that what they want to claim, creating a competition and eventual success for XRP's stakeholders. Also a great comment made forgot the poster and am in a hurry so credit where credit's due, 'a community fund' (community XRP-coin? with memes please). That's powerful. He, combine forces, I like diversification; XLM, CSC whatever community is close to what the ledger got to offer and can be build upon. HABAR got services or something connecting everything blockchain and want to crawl in bed with almost everything (flak incoming) get them in as well or some devs in their spare time. Amazing ideas floating around. Focus on the positive. Many people getting unemployed or are looking for a better life for themselves and others and these utility tokens are coming for sure. If you don't do it, they will (or not). Or invest and shut up, vote for what coins are added on a shady exchange or something ( just kidding great discussion). That's what I got out of it. Love it.
  9. I am sorry Caracappa for hijacking your reaction towards @TiffanyHayden but would like to present my point of view, especially the probable confusion around the person TH. What the intentions are, actions (recent and in the past) and looking closely to her posts, I believe things can be deceiving in a topic like this. I would recommend to keep an open mind and look for the silver lining. She is an influencer and an important one. Don't archive her character with visions (well intended or not) please. I like that character for the XRP community and am grateful. Not always understand her but will catch up hopefully one day. And this discussion at its own got great value (more than one level). [My humble opinion. no offence intended and correct me if I am wrong Tiffany, I love to learn more]
  10. I believe this is what the world looks like and not exclusively crypto. From what I know the 'victims (Nexo statement)' are investigating this. Man on earth, what can one do? And next time please mark such a noticeable 'end' event by organizing a champagne party or wave some neutrality kinda flags or something.
  11. Tron is added. No official announcement yet.
  12. At the least it would be an excellent question from the community during another Q&A.
  13. You brought up this issue a long time in here if I remember correctly and I have to agree from what I have seen, I am not all that happy with Ripples efforts. What could be Ripples design not supporting community efforts on the XRP ledger in a far more generous manner from your perspective? The have everything available to them to kill it so if they don't, what could this imply?
  14. The option itself is great. I believe more will follow, maybe Nexo as well. It could be considered an option with larger withdrawals for sure.
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