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  1. Latest NEXO announcements Flare/Spark airdrop support I mailed them months ago about the drop and if they would support it. After some serious time they mailed me back upfront their announcement without me asking on it again they would support it. 10+!! 3x interest on BTC (new accounts dec 2020) NEXO buy back program ($ 12M in escrow for 12 months) Higher and flexible interest rates (more interesting rates for minor crypto holders) Lower loan rates for those who hold little NEXO coins (<10% of total account value) More to come with Nexonomics
  2. https://twitter.com/NexoFinance/status/1334749677066088448?s=20
  3. I have been told by NEXO the 100M is insurance per credit line but can be wrong here and have to look that one up. Coins are locked at higher rates. I lost money on CRO but made more with NEXO coin. Support from NEXO is far better in my experience this far. I'll wait with moving funds to Crypto.com for now ;-)
  4. Sounds slightly important. From the banks in my country and the fintech upgrades they made/are making this new banking license for a 'crypto firm' is a clear signal of interoperability of fintech and banking working two ways to the center and will meet and compete soon. It doesn't take a lot of effort to foresee the coming of a new world after the 'great' financial reset.
  5. http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/news/2020/0817_12070.html https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/sumitomo-mitsui-financial-group-takes-14-stake-in-sbi-r3-japan/
  6. I have seen some of these scams. Recordings of interviews/presentations mainly while everything else is flashing to send in money. Looks nice and shiny. Not sure on this specific one. I have to agree with @NightJanitor and @Panzer_Kitteh on this one. Those parliamentarians know what is the center of their universe and who is responsible (and are trying to avoid that responsibility mostly). You can join any action, take part of anything in this world because something is flashy and shiny and wants to shower you with wealth and dig that gold, The American dream; you have to be asleep to believe it. Keep voting (while keep getting robbed by that 'parliament' system yourself). Being sloppy/lazy/uneducated is NO excuse by any court within the modern Western world. Your case get dismissed most of the times simply because you should have known better. Anything else you dream, you dream of (but can become reality if you can change the world and put in the effort but than again, you wouldn't be probably in this mess in the first place). I don't like this part of the world any more than you do (because it fits my narrative atm?). We created that same world and came out of it and this after all is the age of lies. Lies earn more than truth, wouldn't you agree? And if that money buys all, there is only one winner (and courts are really honest, no seriously they are, especially in the US ).
  7. Maybe ask them for a (live)chat appointed?
  8. I am sorry to hear about these issues @Sharkey. I would recommend to do nothing at this moment. It's important to analyse the issue thoroughly. This forum will probably be of little help imho. It's recommended to hold for a moment and get feedback from Ledger. Please provide them with accurate details. Also trace your steps and start with the beginning if you must do something. I believe the first step would be to confirm whatever you have done so far is legit and checked step by step with a Ledger dev. or their Support. After that worry about anything else happening behind the curtains. Things may look a certain way and because you take action you can fall into a trap as well. Be careful for that one and be sure to know your limitations for the moment if you're not tech savvy. And if something looks impossible; are there any impossible options you can 100% eliminate? Options knowing what is where besides you? A terrible thought of course but nonetheless. From my line of work I can tell 95% of all issues are user 'mistakes', something to think about perhaps. There are many angles to cover and we here know little. But you should eventually. I hope you can recover your losses, best of luck.
  9. I will record this topic for future generations.
  10. I didn't say it is a problem, it was something TH said. Don't twist words and I don't have time to repeat sorry.. You said the ledger is Ripple top priority right now and creating discussion for the discussion it seems to me. You are creating things here I didn't say or intended to say. I am sorry for expressing myself so foolishly it seems? I made clear statements on that. Not saying Ripple doesn't have XRP as priority. I like your narrative don't get me wrong and I will hope everything goes as you think it will. Forgive me, I believe you brought up points against statements TH made. You brought PayID into the mix, I have no clue what that got to do with anything besides interoperability. The point was made by TH about wanting more development from the community and/or outside Ripple's stakeholder group. I love the wonderful additional thoughts you present in discussion on a forum. Seems successful. And here I am getting out. Sorry for not being more clear and you seem to be unable to review posts you are reacting to. A sensible discussion this way cost me too much time. I wish you the best.
  11. I am sorry I am not able to clearly present my views in relation to the business model of Ripple for as far as I can comprehend it. The assumed conclusion you have made based upon my posts, don't make sense to me. Or I am not understanding you correctly it seems. I'll try again; Ripple's KPI's and contracts will have nothing to do with the XRPL (in most cases) I believe. Can we also agree if they lose customers because Ripple's focus would be on the ledger and not the use cases of their customers, BG wouldn't be CEO at this moment? Can we also agree coming from TH saying Ripple moved all XRPL expertise to Xpring as far as she knows it, we can at least assume a big part of truth can be found within that statement until we discover otherwise for now? And maybe there is logic in that as well? I don't know more about it, love my own thoughts a lot but it wouldn't be fair to me following them blindly of course. I am not talking about the validators issues or the long term commitment of Ripple to preserve the XRP 'ecosystem', whatever that means or Ripple not understanding the value of their oil. I am talking 'priorities' by Ripple in relation to their developments at specific moments in time, like the phase we are in now. Can you please keep that part of the discussion with TH please?, I don't have any additional insights on that issue, thanks. I didn't say they don't care about XRP (I said their main use case until now is selling it besides investments / 'costs') and I use Xumm myself. Facts are, little activity on the ledger. PayID is not an XRPL product. SBI coming, PolyS, Mooja, R3 ao, I know. It's all coming for a long time now. If the lion share of coins are centrally hold, all kinds of risk come from it i can imagine. I don't understand the reason of risk assessment by banks and if this is/was a big issue to begin with. What I can see is banks are preparing rigorously for a chain future for a while now. A lot of them are Ripple customers and they seem to benefit already (without the ledger mostly) and the 'adoption phase' far from reality it seems. Again? What should the focus be? And if regulations, customer safety, assets safety are the mayor issues, as the narrative goes, don't you think an XRPL-ledger will have the lowest priority, besides the possible risks? Tomorrow we can re-evaluate but it seems a crisis will have it's effects on our world first we have to consider as well imho. From what I understood (the little I know) the biggest issue in relation to adopting the technology are the actual customers/investors primarily holding back (and regulations partly preventing new entries). I found a lot of these signals and have to agree on the point, awareness within those groups would benefit the sector the most. If you leave it to mass media the narratives are known; fear and warnings to get the message across.
  12. Maybe she wants XRP holders to swap sides or do side investments? Maybe she is using our voice to generate more news for whatever reason? Maybe? Bye bye interoperability hahahaha. Why? I love critics in here, finally something real to discuss besides all technicalities holder's barely comprehend or pushed media items and fan video's? The reasons for this all? If the road to hell is paved with 'good' intentions ,with what the road to heaven is paved ? Don't we all in a way ? And exactly the point I was trying to make describing the core focus of the (influential) entity Ripple, focus on itself. For me it's about taking something good out of everything and learn from (bad) experiences with an open mind. Crazy little me.
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