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  1. Ripplezzzz

    How Ripple Plans to DOMINATE India

    Copy of what?
  2. Ripplezzzz

    How Ripple Plans to DOMINATE India

  3. Ripplezzzz


    Btw the amount of dumped coins by Charlie Lee is still unknown, If you are that important for a coin like LTC, shouldn't he be more transparent about? What statement did he make towards fellow holders with this move? How great where was risk for LTC if the face of it publicly dumps all LTC (if he dumped all?) Wasn't there an alternative (escrow ia) option of some sort, part sell part on ice? Why risk questions suggesting market manipulation/inside trading? Why make this announcement in the first place? There are more questions than answers and these here are just a few. All working for a better, more open world (till the time is there to cash out). As far as we know 😉.
  4. Ripplezzzz


    Couple of years before full production and serious price range. Appr. 2,5 - 4 years. Anything happening with XRP before that time is a bonus. The longer I am holding, the more patience I become.
  5. Ripplezzzz

    Lack of XRP Purchased Each Month

    If I would have a budget to gobble up such amounts, would I invest large sums at this moment on XRP? Or would I trade in other things like Ayden stock or any other worldly thing with more hype in this moment of time and move into XRP when there is more certainty? It is easy for small players to invest into crypto, so here we are. Wait for the real big fish to enter these waters and the releases from escrow will be eaten fast and swift(ly) if all goes well.
  6. Brad, please provide an answer... 😜 source: https://www.finextra.com/blogposting/14459/ubs-and-the-utility-settlement-coin
  7. We (the people) are 'trained' to hate, educated to do jobs we mostly dont like and earn money for the (American) shadow government who decide for the rest of the world what we need to pay and how to live in a fake democracy (including my country). Something like that, pretty confusing if you ask me, and I can understand the mistake people make hating parts they do not understand. My 2 cents (slighty off topic of course)... but I shouldn't take it personal 😜
  8. Ripplezzzz

    Ripple and Amazon

    Another option; if Ripple is mentioning Amazon 1000x in presentations in public, Amazon will start using XRP for compensation.
  9. Ripplezzzz

    The Schwartz boogie

    For those not on LinkedIn or the ones who missed it there, here are the new summer moves, song is still in development. Enjoy 😉
  10. Ripplezzzz

    My try for XRP symbol idea

    Ripple already made up their mind it seems. This pic is from the site.
  11. You should check/reconsider that link again 😉
  12. Ripplezzzz

    My try for XRP symbol idea

    Isn't a logo already designed and agreed upon?
  13. Thanks Mars75. Please keep us updated when you post stuff. Awesome as always!