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  1. Not correct . But they are beautiful for sure: https://www.petfinder.com/cat-breeds/collections/hypoallergenic-cats/
  2. Yana seems to have difficulties with some questions. One of the first questions she is called naive in relation to her shaky answer. I think she sounded insecure. Not one of the best presentations I have seen this far to be honest.
  3. En als een exchange verplicht wordt gesteld om bijv. account informatie vrij te geven na uitspraak van een rechter na een aanklacht/klokkenluider en/of bij fraude etc.. Ik kan mij voorstellen dat vooral Nederlandse bedrijven en bedrijven in landen waar Nederland verdragen mee heeft hier mee te maken kunnen krijgen, al ben ik geen jurist. Volgens mij scheelt het ook als je interessant bent voor de belastingdienst. Heb je een (klein) vermogen opgebouwd voor de crypto tijd dan sta je als het goed is al op de radar van de belastingdienst zoals @Ripple-Stiltskin ook al enigszins aangeeft worden de meeste inningen gedaan vanwege eigen aangifte, zeker in Nederland waar men sterk geneigd is om zo goed als mogelijk alles aan te geven zoals van een verantwoordelijk burger mag worden verwacht .
  4. Hi, I found these articles very helpful: https://heimdalsecurity.com/blog/cyber-security-mega-guide/#threats Here you can find a lot of great information, like concepts, guides, developments, tools, stats and so on. You are the weakest links when it comes to security. The hackers you see coming aren't the greatest ones. I believe you should be worried about the things you can't see approaching and start using the internet with your security as main concern. Do you have a password manager with very strong passwords? Do you share your passwords with others? Do you use VPN? Do you use your credentials on alien computers? Do you click links in mails even from family without checking that link thoroughly? Do you have old browser extensions running? Just a few questions of many more. I also believe it is wise to use separate computers one for your every day browsing and another clean one for financial transactions with all security layers you can think of. Including a hardware authentication device, 2-factor authentication, VPN, wired internet connection, firewall enabled, etc. etc. etc.
  5. This YouTube video came to me. In short; a covert organisation called the IMMO Foundation is creating a world reserve cryptocurrency with it's 'members' the so called 'IMMO High 1000'. This cryptocurrency will be moved to the EOS- from the Ethereum network. A manifest, made public in about 14 days, leaked recently. Here you can find the leaked (Google Drive) document. Please keep in mind, because the official publication date is not there yet, this document might be subject to changes (if this document actually is an actual copy, which I believe is). But the website (please pay special attention to the news section) and the alleged copy of the manifest give you the big picture. There are rumors that the Rothschild's are behind this organisation because Gabriel Brack, one of the main people behind this 'project' and CEO of an asset management company, worked 20 years for the family. Some interesting information about that: Source: http://news.immo.foundation/page3886646.html About the high 1000: If you worked 20 years for someone, it is really hard for me to comprehend there is no relation whatsoever anymore. But besides the conspiracy, I can imagine the high 1000 network is really huge and is relatively covert working on dominating this space and I can only assume a lot of money and assets could be involved, changing this space in a short period of time. The distribution of the coins to achieve the 'golden ratio' as they call it is done within a closed community of selected members and their investments are directed towards Earth's resources. What's the consequence for example for the Codius project, XRP and the overall cryptocurrency market if the big money comes trough a golden ratio, closed markets (OTC, 'secret' communities)? Does anyone have any information if there is any relation to XRP and this project or is Ripple involved somehow because of complimentary values? This text from the manifest somehow got to me and is the reason I share this: Assuming for argument sake the Rothschild's and their network are somehow involved, it looks like a text book "Problem (dollar), Reaction (crashing markets), Solution scenario unfolding with the (created) Bitcoin Wild West scenarios in mind and known winners at the end. There are if's and buts but politicians and the likes are shouting for a new world order and a global currency for a very long time now and tada, almost there. Of course we the people are not invited and a coin like this will probably be well received by relations of this closed society and the wealth shared among the richest people on this planet (for the better of the world most likely). It seems all too convenient for my taste and the timing of it all is right on the money. I am curious what you guys think besides burning me for being a conspiracy theorist of course ? Are we left out of this game in the long term by these projects? What will be the influence of this project when it becomes public? How big can this become? Another question I have, how can a crashing dollar be turned into a valuable crypto asset? Can the wealthiest people of this Earth transform their (eventually) worthless dollar into an asset and with that move dominate the entire financial world almost instantly? Interesting times to say the least.
  6. Binance CEO Hints at How to Get XRP as the Base The XRP community has constantly requested the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, to add XRP as a base currency on the platform. The requests started back in late July and Changpeng Zhao has now hinted via twitter, on how this can become a possibility. In the tweet, he requests all XRP fans to put all their shills under one tweet. The tweet can be found below. https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/1064045149691404289 Source: https://ethereumworldnews.com/binance-ceo-hints-at-how-xrp-can-become-a-base-currency-on-the-platform/
  7. The Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (CCID) is a government organisation responsible for monthly reviewing blockchain projects based on the following criteria: The project should have its own independent main chain The node can be freely created It should have a published block explorer where block information can easily be tracked; Open source code The project’s website page is available and the project’s team member can be contacted. Being a scientific research institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the CCID has a strong overall strength in the information industry research and policy-making, software testing and other related fields. Here (article) you can find more information about this organisation eo. Here is their sixth and latest report: Interesting to see Bitcoin so low while it is said that Bitcoin is primarily controlled by Chinese miners. To bad they rated Ripple in stead of XRP?
  8. Fragment of the article: Dilip Rao, Ripple’s Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation, recently appeared at a conference in Dubai to speak about Ripple’s plans to enter the Middle East. He also spoke about the existence of XRP and Ripple’s other products within the regulatory environment of the area. Rao revealed that Ripple was going to be setting up an office in Dubai “before the end of the year”, and provided an introduction to the Internet of Value. He also spoke about Ripple’s goals in the Middle East, stating: He confirmed that Ripple has signed up close to 200 institutions “around the world” with “many of them” from the Middle East. Calling it the “fastest growing marketplace”, Rao revealed that Ripple’s clients included the largest Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia known as Al-Rajhi, and Kuwait Finance House. Read more: https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-to-open-office-in-dubai-by-eoy-2018-has-signed-200-financial-institutions-reveals-executive/
  9. Would you blindly trust some company from a foreign/unknown country with an unknown (to you) license? I have seen exchanges without information upfront and in most if not all cases, I didn't register there. I presume many future customers may think the same way. If you guys can be found easily and it seems to be a burden to find all these requests pouring in, why not just put a part of that information on your website and put a lot of question to bed? It's out in the open anyway you claim and would probably generate more trust anyway if you do so? In the end you create your company as you want it to be and I understand you guys just started and will face your evolution. I will be following that journey .. Enjoy and good luck!
  10. In 1991, my patent for a multi-level distributed computer network was granted. I was working on graphics rendering problems requiring significant amounts of CPU power and wanted to distribute computing-intensive tasks to a network of devices. The goal was to have a number of computers performing simple tasks to contribute to a single result. Creating this system, though, was a complicated task. After the publication of Satoshi's white paper, that's no longer the case. Outlined in the paper was a peer-to-peer payment system poised to disrupt the financial industry, one that gave people the power to conduct transactions across a distributed network without the need for trusted middlemen..... The story continues: https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-jump-started-democratization-payments/ Part of: https://www.coindesk.com/category/bitcoin-white-paper-reviewed/ Nice to see an article from JK on Coindesk.
  11. What we think or where we look is not relevant. We have no idea whats going on behind the scenes, we are only spectators.
  12. There are enough posts on this forum with details about financial service agents (also official SWIFT suppliers) also providing Ripple products including Xrapid. And I don't believe they do their books on bitcrack, bihack nor bitflybynight, my personal favorite I might add. Besides all other initiatives of course.
  13. If the 589 would be subliminal, I would be doing a job interview at your office tomorrow .
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