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  1. I use EtherDelta (in quiet periods when its actually usable and not lagged out by a clogged network) not sure where the painfully obvious enlightenment comes into play when using it though...?
  2. I was just splitting my holdings in to 2 ledger nanos s's. 10 mill in each just in case i lose one or one gets robbed or hacked.
  3. Thats because alot of xrp investors have already got their money in and are just accumulating when they can. We dont wait for a news announcement to quickly throw money into it to catch the rise like the other ones you have mentioned. I've invested on ripples end goal and im sure most others have to. Its good that we dont get huge price rises when announcements come out as it keeps the pump and dumpers out, which helps keep xrp stable.
  4. https://www.linkedin.com/in/leonpereira
  5. Or it could keep going higher causing you to lose a stack of XRP :P.
  6. Beautiful my tri monitor wallpaper was getting a bit old.
  7. Thanks for the video! WOW, this is pretty exciting to watch! wish i was Adam Sandler in click so i could fast forward to this going live
  8. If you don't know how to use it then you are right. but its definitely given me 2 out of 3 perfect entry points so far.
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