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  1. I was positive too in april. Hope, you will have the mild version as I did. Literally only a few hours low fever, 2 days of muscle pain, but I didnt even lay down except in the night:) All the best, Eric!
  2. I hope, you are ok. Wish you a quick recovery, thank you again for all your work here.
  3. Best way to find new tl is to search on twitter. You type into twitter search trustline and look into latest. Every few minutes comes a new one. Problem is, that you dont know, if they will drop something, cause usually tl appears before the project has a twitter account, where they announce airdrop. If you are not early, you get nothing cause of tl limit. Do its quite a full time job to hunt this, and you need xrp for setting tl. You get them bach when you remove it.
  4. What do you mean..works for in the Tesla? When people will be able to play and earn in the game?
  5. I expanded my portfolio. I bought dreams quest (dreams) and galaxy heroes coin (ghc), i trew in a small amount each. Very fresh coins, pure gamble. Will see....
  6. Thank you for the info about blok, I bought it few days ago (swapped some gains from other projects). And it went x2. Very intresting project, maybe some big players will adopt it.
  7. Check out cosmos reddit, they had and will have nice airdrops. Osmo was a huge drop, missed it, but waiting now for shade and some others, important is staking atom in a wallet.
  8. I am worried, that shib is one of my best performing coins. While I have a few usecase coins with tech behind, shiba smoked them all except sol. There is something weird in the crypto market, usecase doesnt matter for now, pure speculation and manipulation
  9. I must agree that holding xrp is a really hard and depressing task. I understand your narrative, i was all in on xrp at the beginning of my crypto journey, but I got fed up with small moves up and big moves down. I diversified and iam happy with my decision.
  10. Anyway, my sinister feeling about double top I shared last time unfortunately getting bigger. I hold, my plans arent fullfilled, hope for another leg up!
  11. Unlocking is costly, last time i tried it, was about 100 usd. Transfer is not so expensive. I will hodl, dont have few K, not yet:)
  12. I bought it almost half year ago, but not a lot, I have locked it in shibaswap for staking. Now its there, hostage of the ethereum fee:) Maybe is good, because I would probably sold it long ago:)
  13. I am trying to stay positive...but what a flash crash. Hopefully we recover soon.
  14. Its of course uncertain, how this will play out. Like I sad, its quite a risk, so far so good. I hold mostly dexi, dxg is still somehow to early to tell, but I hold it just in case it blows up. Hope, we will do well, but to pick one gem amongst so many projects is quite a lottery.
  15. Glad I could help. I think there are some pages you can see it, but dexio applied to list it on cmc and coingecko, so it should be there soon. At the moment I keep an eye only on dexi, waiting for cmc to list dxg:) Its so early and volatile, will take time for some organic growth. Good luck with your pick.
  16. Pancakeswap from trust wallet. Transfer bnb to tw, swap to binance chain, the go to pancake, set slippage to 8%, search for the coin address (on the dexioprotocol page) and copy paste it into add token Then swap it, you must activate the token in your wallet (same copy paste method as in pancake).
  17. I just swapped bnb for binance chain bnb and bought it for around 8% slippage. Meanwhile I managed to send them to dexi wallet. I think this dxg autostakes, cause they keep increasing? Dexi made quite a run and retraced a bit. I think i swap some other alts for it, just a small amount, Iam 7x up till now.
  18. Intresting, but Iam already to diversifed, and out of fiat:) What I dont like is, that is already on binance, am I right? I am aiming for coins, which are not listed yet on major cex, more room for growth, but risky of course. But with my very limited resources, i have to take some risks.
  19. I had no problem swaping binance chain bnb for dxg, of course slippage was higher i think, around 8. Only problem i have, i dont see dxg in my main account, i have to look to bnb tokens. And I dont know how to migrate them to dexi wallet, maybe they are not supported yet because so fresh:)
  20. To be honest, the current price decline makes me a bit worried. I am happy about sol, but somehow, a sinister feeling. Hope, Eric will blow away this dark clouds:)
  21. One more question Eric.. What happens if it was a double top? Is this scenario out of the question, or possible?
  22. Dexioprotocol is mooning right now, purchased some dxg (dexio gas) just in case, its new on pancakeswap).
  23. I am very intrigued by this. Do you think that this cycles are self fullfilling? What I mean is, because cycles repeated in the same way, people are investing in anticipation of repeating cycles and because of this, cycles do repeat. Sorry for my bad english.
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