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  1. Intresting, but Iam already to diversifed, and out of fiat:) What I dont like is, that is already on binance, am I right? I am aiming for coins, which are not listed yet on major cex, more room for growth, but risky of course. But with my very limited resources, i have to take some risks.
  2. I had no problem swaping binance chain bnb for dxg, of course slippage was higher i think, around 8. Only problem i have, i dont see dxg in my main account, i have to look to bnb tokens. And I dont know how to migrate them to dexi wallet, maybe they are not supported yet because so fresh:)
  3. To be honest, the current price decline makes me a bit worried. I am happy about sol, but somehow, a sinister feeling. Hope, Eric will blow away this dark clouds:)
  4. One more question Eric.. What happens if it was a double top? Is this scenario out of the question, or possible?
  5. Dexioprotocol is mooning right now, purchased some dxg (dexio gas) just in case, its new on pancakeswap).
  6. I am very intrigued by this. Do you think that this cycles are self fullfilling? What I mean is, because cycles repeated in the same way, people are investing in anticipation of repeating cycles and because of this, cycles do repeat. Sorry for my bad english.
  7. Uf, very interrsting, if this will become reality, we are all set:) Are you using different methods to make this nice analysis, are you considering past cycles? I try to understand your great predictions.
  8. Do you think, there will be a shift into alts already in oktober? Sol is gaining decently, btc is hopefully consolidating for another leg up.
  9. Wow, what a pump, great! Its on:) Once again my respect for your green candle calls, if alts will follow in the near future...money can not make you happy, but i would like some financial stability. Thank you Eric and others.
  10. Well, early 2022 is good enough for me:) Some pocket money from xrpl airdrops, especially nft stuff makes my waiting for alt moon a bit easier. Unbelievible, how the price of some recent drops mooned.
  11. When do you expect an altcoin pump, or is it a stupid question?:)
  12. I dont use metamask anymore, trustwallet is very simple with bnb tokens. I dont know what the problem is, but i would suggest transfering eth to binance, change it into bnb and send it to trustwallet. I think you wont be able to change to bnb otherwise, or maybe iam wrong, please correct me, if thats the case.
  13. I had a good experience with xrpl airdrops. When you get in early, you can get some nice drops. Best is to check them on twitter, search for trustline and pick the latest. Of course there is a lot of scams, so I dont buy anything, just waiting for drops. If a coin and twitter disapears, you will be sitting on that coin, you have to try to send them off to free your trustline. I got nice drops from equilibrium and lox, est will drop in a week. Is a bit time consuming, but made some extra money with this.
  14. Speaking about gaming coins, there is equlibrium, which i got airdroped into xumm wallet via trustline. Its trading now on bitrue, but there will be still some drops later this year. Iam holding to it, bitrue also supports staking them. If they succed with the project, sky is the limit, high risk high reward, but since i got airdroped, not much risk involved in holding it.
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