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  1. ignoring all the facts and events that lead to a high probability that the pandemic is fake doesn't make you intelligent, it makes you dumb. Although, being dumb is not as bad as being evil, and you're both.
  2. Today, Bitcoin is worth 1.1 trillion usd, if XRP would have that market cap it'd be $24 usd each. XRP accomplished what the BTC network couldn't do, and Ripple was created to spread the IoV and lay the plumbing necessary to use these new assets. It's not only about XRP, but they're first. Only replacing SWIFT will leave XRP above $100. I can't lay all my math here, it involves expected liquidity, regulatory frameworks, standards being set (ISO 20022), potential clients, political interests, intelectual property rights, old legal cases like Rambus, etc. and I have a lot of work to do now to write all my studies on xrp (I haven't done it yet, but I'm pretty sure the fair value of XRP can be higher than what I initially wrote) "All investing is betting in that it is putting money down on the expectation of a future outcome that has some degree of probability, but little or no certainty." I could agree with that, but from what you write I can deduce you don't study or investigate when you do investing, otherwise you wouldn't say "little or no certainty". I have plenty of certainty because I researched for several months and although I won't lay my maths in here I'm pretty satisfied with the probability I've calculated and the risk I'm taking. Also, I think you don't understand the risk of holding fiat while the WEF, international and central banks have been making plans to transfer absurd amounts of money to the new digital economy. I see XRP as being a reserve for banks one day. Kind Regards, Davy
  3. Apologies accepted. I sent a second post just after you responded, so don't take into account the request for an apology haha. and yes, I don't have any evidence to support my claims, that's why I said in the first place that I BELIEVE that's the case. I can only base my views on the things and facts I can see. In any case, if there were evidence, it would not be a highly classified case. all my views are just based on deductions. Thanks for your compliment about knowing a second language. I started learning english since I was very young because that's the only way to find meaningful information. But I'm getting more rusty every day. Kind Regards, Davy
  4. I could add that I invested in XRP in January after the lawsuit drop. I started buying since it dropped to 0,17 (in the cospiracy loonies world they associate the 17 with the letter Q, you can also see that Trump likes this number very much). I'm very sad that I didn't met XRP before this year, I lost such a big opportunity but I'm not gonna miss the future I believe XRP has as one of the most used world currencies. You can research Basel III too, is a big deal for digital currencies and the whole financial system. pd. I hope you apologize for being so rude, saying "Kindergarten kids believe anything they are told" wasn't kind of you. I believe my critical thinking is way ahead of many people. I'm finishing my studies in finance and XRP was a star fallen from the heavens to finally be able to support my family with material things. I'll have to wait 10~20 years but it doesn't matter. I'm not saying XRP will go to 50k like BTC, it's almost impossible due to the circulation supply it has and the liquidity requirements of the markets, but it can certainly go above 1k if it really becomes an asset to bridge currencies worldwide. Today, XRP is the only currency that meets most of the conditions to become this asset: Scalability Low fees High volume Completely secure network Very low waste of energy
  5. Why you have to be so rude? I'll tell you something about myself so you don't believe I'm a bot or a coin shilling basta*rd. My grandfather lost all his fortune leaving his whole family in debt for millions of dollars. My mother worked in a hotdog cart earning less than $1.000 dollars a month after being director of a clothes company. Why do I tell you this? Is it so hard to believe conspiracies exist? Even though I'm not gonna comment on personal details I've experienced what conspiracies can do, even if I'm from a small country like Chile, just imagine what the most powerful people in the world can design. I've been researching politics for quite a while now, tracking all the corruption in this world because I wanna make of it a better place where good people can live peaceful lives and doesn't have to sacrifice their whole lives working in a system that the only thing it does is suck their souls and leave them unconsciouss about how amazing is to be alive. Being said that, I don't know if in this forum gathers mostly american people, but I believe we're living in the third world war since DECADES now, probably since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the US intelligence to my knowledge is probably acting from the shadows since then because the government of the US has been compromised. For decades corrupt people has been weakening the US economy, maxing their debt, introducing resentment & communist ideas to the young people and destroying industries such as manufacturing and oil, giving China the advantage. Why China? because all these corrupt people has been migrating all their assets there, since they don't have absolute control in the US like in China, and it was the plan all along to drag the US to a terrible crisis. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-rothschild-m-a-idUSKCN1MY1W0 You can see the Rothschilds sold all their trust services business previous to the pandemic. If you do a little research you'll find out that the same phenomenon happened before the first world war. The Rothschilds is a prominent family that has history on taking part of the Napoleon wars, the french revolution, the britain empire... jeez, even Hitler confiscated their businesses on Germany. You can even track connections to Marx himself. These people has been using communism to destabilize countries economically, politically and socially for centuries. They take over by using debt and financial instruments, that's one of the reasons they love to control central banks. What does all this have to do with Ripple and XRP? Since the elections of the US I started researching alot about the Q movement and some information that algorithms and accounts associated with them started to release. Even though most people made fun of them and treated them like conspiracy loonies, they released sensitive information to the level of dropping videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack and having sex with "very young" women. So these people really had access to classified information and they released it with the sole objective of waking up the american people to the communist ideological subversion (you can research yuri bezmenov for this one). Since January, some videos related to XRP and cryptic messages (you probably know about this stuff, conspiracy loonies) started to follow after Biden was "elected". So now there's a psychological operation with XRP in the US same as it was with BTC a few years ago. You'll say, yeye, what does it matter? well it does, there are people with alot of power that controls alot of media communications and there are REASONS to try to put ideas in the minds of the people. This brought my attention so I started researching and to my surprise I started seeing alot of connections between the WEF, Digital Currency War Forum, the digital dollar project, the Digital Currency Initiative, the BTC origins and the XRP objective as a technology, the people who worked in the BTC project and simmilarities with the people who worked in the Ripple and/or XRP project, the level of institutional involvement in Ripple and other associates, the symbolism in phrases or words (just like the New World Order or the Build Back Better phrases, they're said in purpose and they represent an alliance or a tacit understanding about some things) just like "Level Playing Field" (see below) I also saw all the Open Source classes of Gary Gensler and I'm convinced he's not a bad actor, instead he's part of the US team and he's well aware of the China threat, specially with ETH and BTC pools that we all know are on China. Also, people in the XRP community has been complaining because of the lack of clarity and all the directives of the SEC have said that there's plenty of clarity. What if maybe there is clarity? they said this whole time that the definition of securities apply to the Ethereum case because they did an ICO and people invested in it expecting future profits. They demanded Ripple, yes, but what if it's all just a show to gather important information or just secure the business with strong legal precedents? You can see Congress has been going forward with legislation about this matter and I lost the link to the document but you can see for yourself it that legislation will benefit Ripple and XRP or not. I believe something was released last week, maybe other member of the forum can provide the link to it. I extended alot by now, sorry for my bad english but there were many things to say and even so, a lot remained to be told. Kind Regards, Davy
  6. I believe the US Government is playing along with Ripple in a very classified case that involves national security.
  7. Oh no, I'm selling my whole position now!! Like I'm going to pay attention to some random dude in the internet that's not giving any based advice at all? lmao He probably doesn't
  8. Well I'm not placing my hopes on FLR, I just bought some because I wanted to start learning how to use the platform once is available. To be honest all my hopes are placed on XRP. Maybe I'm a dreamer but I'm expecting it to sell them for $100+ USD each in 5~10 years from now. Do you believe investing in XRP is gambling?
  9. First of all I want to thank you all for your kind replies. Do you know in how much time I'd be able to use these FLR? I want to start learning how to use the platform. And that's one of the reasons I rushed to buy FLR. I have some XRP and wanted to have more access to the defi platform based on it. Overall, I started pretty late on the crypto game, so I don't have much XRP (not enough to make a living off it), but I'm planning to hold for 10 years+ for a dear life like they say. My family struggles with money and I don't have much to invest, but I'm hoping that 10 years from now the little money I'm getting into crypto will pay for my family's peace of mind. I really appreciate and thank all the people who took the time to respond, you're all amazing. Kind Regards
  10. Hello all, I've been reading this forum for quite a while now and I have to say that I really appreciate the insight some of the members have shared here. I wanted to ask if it's worth it to buy FLR and SGB at this point. I bought XRP back in january so I didn't have the opportunity to get the airdrops and I've been feeling like I'm losing an opportunity. I have made my research and I know FLR can be big, but is it worth the price it's now on Bitrue? I FOMO'd in and bought some FLR already and I also don't know if I bought an IOU or what, but I did it through Bitrue. So that's it, is it worth it to get into these coins, or maybe I should wait a little longer?
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