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  1. Work for a few years, save up, move to some asian country, start a restaurant, manage the restaurant and relax, death
  2. https://xrpworld.com/sbi-holdings-ready-to-launch-vctrade-fully-but-what-does-it-mean-for-xrp-investors/
  3. Heya Zerpers, I'm the owner of XRPworld.com, a news site particularly focussed on Ripple and XRP. We have been inactive in the last few months but I want to change that. I realized that the site has a lot of potential and I wanna do something with that. We haven't published an article in months and we still get thousands of visitors per month. We can pay you in XRP! Requirments are: Decent knowledge about crypto/ripple/xrp & perfect English grammar. PS: Don't expect a big pay yet, we are relatively new and we are just about to start again but as the site grows, the pay follows. If you're interested add me on discord: htjonge #9552 If this kind of thead isn't allowed please let me know so I can delete it. Thank you.
  4. It's an offer I got via private message.
  5. https://xrpworld.com/xrp-rich-list-a-few-interesting-facts/
  6. News is a little older but still very cool. Read it here: https://xrpworld.com/american-express-amex-ripple/
  7. https://xrpworld.com/santander-onepay-fx-ripple-xcurrent/
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