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  1. So is the only way to trade xrp to USD on the dex by creating a bitstamp account. Do I then trade my xrp for usd bitstamp send it to my bitstamp account then cash out usd to nominated bank account? Sorry if this is a silly question
  2. Good afternoon ladies and gents, I’ve been having a little play around with xrp toolkit (I think it’s really great, very user friendly even for amateurs like myself). So I have sold 2 xrp for 2.23USD(Bitstamp). My question is how do I then convert this into fiat and transfer back to my bank account. Will I need too make a bitstamp account. Is this the best way to cash out a little profit along the way? thanks for the help!
  3. Good evening all! I’ve had all my wrapped songbird tokens delegated for the last 7 days for the entire epoch (50% delegated too bit frost oracle and 50% delegated too “use your spark”) I have had a decent ammount of tokens delegated for a touch longer than a week now and still have no “unclaimed rewards” could anyone shed some light on this? Thanks
  4. Thanks so much I will give this a try!
  5. Good evening, I’m reaching in out someone can help me with the issue I’m having claiming my songbird tokens. When I had to register an ethere address for songbird I made a new MEW wallet although this time I done it on my phone instead of a paper wallet. This means I don’t have the private key just my 24 word seed phrase. When I put public address into songbird explorer I can see I have tokens there. I downloaded metamask wallet and followed the instructions for the custom RPC. But I cannot put my private key in because I didn’t get one with the MEW phone wallet. I have my 24 seed phrase though. any and all help would be greatly appreciated thanks 🙏
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