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  1. https://bit-news.ch/2021/03/how-jpmorgans-onyx-is-redefining-payments-in-banking-with-blockchain/ Above is the link of the article I come across. This is an old article. Onyx was created 5 years ago I suppose. I wish to start a good and quality discussion on the probability of Onyx getting successful in FX market. IMO, I think Onyx is unlikely to be successful with its JP Morgan Coin. I will post my reasons and analysis but before that I hope anyone with knowledge could join this discussion and offer insights Thanks in advance! I love this Forum!
  2. quite number of banks are already on RippleNet But they are not using XRP and ODL because of the lawsuit. They use RippleNet for the old school method. Hence, JP Morgan is right for saying: XRP is poised for significant adoption. once case ends in favour of Ripple, exchange relist, XRP clarity, tapping into the liquidity offered by the exchanges, ODL functions more robusticly with liquidity from exchanges, Liquidity Hub offering crypto to crypto. I see things quite falling into place!
  3. I dont think those PoW coin's scalibility problem could possibly be solved by just running on XRPL through XRP Think, if a client wants bitcoin, one must receive bitcoin in the end. But to move one bitcoin to a client, one must move on the bitcoin network. Liquidity Hub is only about sourcing the best price in all exchanges and buying the bitcoin with XRP. I suppose there is an interop chain between XRPL and Bitcoin chain. Even though the speed on XRPL is fast and cheap, speed and cost on bitcoin chain wont change for a bit. IMO!
  4. metaverse is all about total control! I dont like it for now
  5. me too, I was appalled by David twitting this....... quite number of things he did confused me and this one is the big one! no doubt that wXRP would provide more accessibility to the people who support Ripple and XRP, but it is on the expense that the value of Ripple's enterprise would be priced into ETH price chart somehow. XRP Relisting may be just few months away, why be concerned with retail accessibility at this point, particularly by achieving this through boosting Ethereum networks. Its really a bad strategic move though. Foolish......YAAWWWNNN!
  6. The ETH whole thing is not pracrical! Thats the point why I am asking why people wanna do this wXRP thing? I really wanna hear something that makes a perfect sense for me to support wXRP, because I thought I am getting all the story behind this wrapped thing!
  7. time in the market is better than timing the market! keep hodling
  8. not gonna happen. Ripple will win. The Game for Gary's career is already over, if you followed closely on the lawsuit!
  9. staking is lending your token to the liquidity pool. you will get a little return for that lending.
  10. The ball is rolling! Things happening next: 1. Wait for case to end, no doubt Ripple will get clairity and only token with clarity in the money market. 2. Big boys start moving. Banks will participate in ODL and volume grow in exponential. 3. FX rail being constructed. 4. Scaling up FX volume, and exponential growth again. 5. Smart money pushing up the price to where liquidity is deep enough to handle the volume. 6. BOOM! Lambo......
  11. huge news! The ball is rolling. ODL is the key to success.......price action imminemt!
  12. Power grab is one of the many motivations. SEC is certain that crypto is the future of the American financial system. If they lost the power to regulate this new industry, they lost half of what they used to regulate presently. But what motivates the most of all, is the huge commitment that the financial incumbents like JP Morgan has made on Ethereum. Large part of the legacy system has their plan for Ethereum. It is very obvious based on the findings by the XRP Army. JP Morgan had been filing DLT payment patents as early as in 2014. They already have a plan and made huge investments in Ethereum. But they are not lucky as Ethereum's scalability is a huge failure. This could be due to those people's lack of understanding of the technology at the very beginning of the Crypto hype. And also, this point makes me personally believe that David Schwartz might be one of the original creators of Bitcoin. Because it is rarely that anyone can understand the crypto technology quicker and deeper than the creators themselves. By simply eliminating mining and switching PoW to Consensus model, Ripple is more than 10 years ahead of the rest. If you view all thses past happenings from an investment point of view, JP Morgan and its rich friends would be losing millions of investments and yet the worse for JP Morgan is to lose billions of reveue in the coming future in FX transactions. Those incumbents who does not partner with Ripple will be completely put out of the business. ODL is genuinely genus! The other reason for Ethereum to be chosen and propped up with more and more venture capital money is that later in time they realised that they have an edge in Ecosystem building. Ethereum burnt the most money in crypto space to bring the most projects onto the Ethereum network, that helps to build an robust ecosystem, something like Apple's App Store, I call it "Token Factory". to be continued......
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