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  1. @Anton I can rub your shiny little head and whisper "everything will be ok, your friends will forgive your bad investment advice and start talking to you again" It will cost you exactly 20 XRP unfortunately, sorry. 😐
  2. This explains everything perfectly, thank you for digging this up. He bought at the ATH and has never got over that all his hard earned savings ($250) went down the drain, along with the 20 XRP he will never get back. ...and please dont post a screenshot of someone else's account again @Anton I think you should find a new hobby 😂 God bless the Internet, it never forgets !
  3. Stop wasting your time here and go setup a bunch of validators. Let me know how that goes. Here is a link in case you need some help getting started: https://github.com/ripple/ripple-dev-portal/
  4. Arguing with people on here wont change anything
  5. Its as secure as your private keys are
  6. I thought you had over 183k, now its 100k split over 10 accounts ? hehe yeah right
  7. Start a validator, then you can have a say in it and make a ton of money according to your understanding. Win win.
  8. Again, whats your problem then ? You have your 20 cent accounts and your XRP.
  9. Why are you so butt hurt over 20 XRP then ? Quit your crying.
  10. I seriously think we are dealing with a child here.
  11. We all have the link now, we are all experts !
  12. As do you, I've given you multiple answers
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