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  1. Few months back, he said what is holding them back from using XRP for remittances are regulatory issues. Payment Services Act will be updated in April (check pg 99) so that could be a turning point.
  2. It's said to be coming this fall. Three banks will participate in the initial launch.
  3. Mmm... I think Coinbase could do without XRP in Japan since one of the biggest exchanges Bitflyer don't have it listed either and there are many other exchanges where you could buy XRP. If they have a hidden agenda for not listing XRP in the US, they may end up not listing it here in Japan either. Nevertheless, it won't have much impact since we've got SBI.
  4. They haven't started accepting general registrations yet. Those people need to register first and go through KYC process which takes a few days before they can start. 20,000 people who pre-registered are the only ones who can trade as of yet.
  5. I was somehow made to believe this fake news
  6. Hi guys, check this out! Looks like SBI's about to open soon https://www.sbivc.co.jp/adv/ They are going to start with bitcoin, and ripple will be added later.
  7. There's some new info. Below are the key points. 1. They established a mining company "SBI Crypto" and started mining Bitcoin Cash. Can't disclose where and how they are doing it due to company secret. 2. By utilizing their own XRP's and self mined Bitcoin Cash or with Bitcoin, they will embody a global scale digital currency exchange through "Global Max". 3. They also plan to open "SBI Virtual Currencies" in Japan, which is likely to handle major digital currencies, group coins (probably SBI coin) and local tokens. 4. Now preparing a Virtual currency related portal s
  8. Hi @JoelKatz I have a question. What's going to be the revenue driver for ripple after completing the distribution of XRP's? (I understand it will take quite a long time) I was curious since there hasn't been much discussion regarding the vision that comes after finishing the escrow. We all know that Google and Twitter has ads to make the business sustainable so it makes me wonder what ripple may have in mind, asides maintaining the current network and new developments that align IoV.
  9. I disagree with you on this. The outcome of the countdown was some media coverage that lead to get public attention. I think Ripple will use this opportunity to do some marketing such as announcements of partnerships and other positive information around ILP and XRP, up until the conference. Also SBI will be coming soon in Japan, so it's not a smart move to sell XRP than the past 3 months. I hope I'm right
  10. I have this tool called donut on my mac that shows the prices of the coins in my portfolio on my desk top. It drives me crazy sometimes
  11. Wow this is big news if we can confirm. Was this supposed to be the "August 13th" headline?
  12. Yeah, we all appreciate him! Thanks Joel for being so humble and communicative
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