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  1. Thank you for this, it explains a lot
  2. That`s how it looks to me; someone generated a self-signed certificate for that "beta" version or like it was mentioned before it is a very early version of the website and someone plays with it. Of course this doesn`t mean anything about Coinbase`s intentions towards XRP, but yes, I think the video is just fake news
  3. Also ... look at the address bar and the HTTPS certificate. The real one is accredited (it lists the name of the company), the video is just a simple "secure connection". Good job for those who made it
  4. Hello everyone, I apologize in advance if the below will upset anybody, but with the risk of being "nailed" for it I have to ask a few questions .... maybe someone will help shed some light on the near term future of Ripple Here we go: - how will Ripple be treated by IRS in regards to taxes due considering the price of XRP? How can they "explain" to the IRS they do not own at least 60 blns XRP worth almost 120 bln USD ... which would be a huge capital gain / profit thus a huge tax liability (anything between 10 to 20 bln USD) ? - same to the state of California and / or Delaware, for their state taxes. - how will Ripple explain to the banking world / investors December`s price evolution and how can they reassure them XRP is a "stable" asset, not for speculation, "immune" to price fluctuations? - let`s suppose the fiscal year ended in October, thus the tax liabilities would be calculated at $0.20 so not big of a problem ... yet ... but how about the future price? If XRP stays at 1-2 USD, Ripple will still have to explain how they don`t own the 50 bln XRP in escrow at the end of 2018 so they will have to come up either with a great explanation that would "fly" with the IRS or with a solution to get at least 10-20 bln USD cash to pay their taxes. Any ideas how that might happen? I think it would rewrite the books on economics about profitability Thank you in advance for any decent comment / answer
  5. Before jumping to conclusions, you might want to check the official guideline from GDAX / Coinbase about the conditions a currency / token must pass before being listed: https://www.gdax.com/static/digital-asset-framework-2017-11.pdf Obviously XRP fails some of them so unless Coinbase looks the other way aka waiver or change their policies ... not sure how XRP addition can be explained
  6. Thank you very much for this post. I am following Ripple from the days of the Good World Computing or what was the name of the initial giveaway ;). IMHO, for both the veterans as well as the newbies is only fair if we try to keep the support / discussions to a balanced tone. What I mean by this is that is not helpful or healthy neither to denigrate Ripple / XRP but nor to praise them without question. Reality and fact checking are always better than assumptions. To this end, I clearly stated and I do it again, Ripple technology is the only one out there that has a clear use case, is backed by a real business (quite successful company if we look at their results as a business and their investors) and has the potential to really change the way we make payments / transfer funds in the future. No questions about this. However, the "coin" XRP seems to be the one with a questionable future. As a token, compared to all the others, is under-performing - not at all a surprise, base on a lot of reasons I mentioned before (out of which the shear number of them and the actual distribution are the most concerning ones). Following B.G.s real time interview a few days ago, confirmed, at least for me, that Ripple (the company) is well aware of those concerns and they try to steer away from XRP, at least as a currency. They are looking into other uses cases, they are trying hard to make the case for XRP as a liquidity "reservoir" (which in my opinion is not working very well) and so on. Who knows, maybe eventually they will get XRP to the status of global currency but me personally I doubt. The benefits of their technology alone far surpass the doubtful future of XRP to be worth risking it. In regards of the Market Cap, it is calculated with the formula N(numbers of coins) x P(spot price and not historical price). That is why MC fluctuates daily, and not because someone magically pours money into it (or takes them out). So, if we are to be mathematically exact, today now at the price of 0.7968 USD/XRP, XRP should have a total market cap of 100 Bln x 0.7968 = 79680000000 USD. That is 79.7 Bln. USD. That website only counts however the XRP in circulation, which is not entirely correct (since there are other cryptocurrencies in the same situation like XRP but they are counted in total). Thank you once again for your reply and I also do apologize if you felt offended.
  7. What happens is that Gatehub automatically transferred your ETH to an internal ledger of theirs. From that ledger, they will "credit" the account web interface (what you actually see when you login). For some reason, they have huge problems with the synchronization of those internal servers / ledgers for all the coins, XRP included. For a detailed explanation see their FAQ on this page: https://www.gatehub.net/gateways/fifth/
  8. First of all, you picked on me first with an attitude so don't blame me for replying back with the same "coin". "That's just a tad ignorant of the facts plain and simple. .......................................................................................................................................... By the way you should try harder ....." Secondly, coinmatketcap.com only counts 38bln XRP. If they would decide to count the rest of the XRP, the market cap would jump instantly by roughly 50bln USD but that doesn't mean that any fiat money actualy entered the market. Hope it makes sense now
  9. Oh yeah ... based on the "Market Cap" from Coinmarketcap.com? Then it means if we count the 55 Bn XRPs "locked" down, we instantly have $50 Bn more into the market ... without an actual US Dollar being added to the market. Please teach me more master
  10. Arbitrage is a very legit "business", it means you are actually helping in leveling off market anomalies where the same asset has different prices (usually based on geographical barriers). In our case, it means the one doing the arbitrage is better informed and takes advantage of his superior knowledge and skills of trading. The problem arises (at least in the regulated markets like the stock exchange and even Forex at some point) if this knowledge comes from inside aka confidential information and / or even worse if one manipulates the trading conditions in such a way that he gains the arbitrage advantage. The crypto market is not even near being regulated, it is a wild wild west so everything is pretty much permitted (thus we have those obviously manipulated price movements from one day to another or even inside a day). The only thing not permitted due to the "bad guys" is money laundering and financing illicit operations thus the KYC / AML policies of the exchanges - because they deal with fiat which to date is still the only legal tender. I know exactly which Reddit post you are referring to but unfortunately mining BTC doesn`t really leave any trace (at least to my knowledge) thus the "suspicion" of money laundering. Very hard to prove otherwise so ... advantages and disadvantages of the anonymity of BTC-like coins.
  11. You have a point here, however I don`t thing XRP is there yet. Don`t forget there is still the R3 problem, some 10-15 bln of XRP unaccounted for from the initial distribution and also don`t underestimate the power of few very rich brokers (not to mention if we will go full option on the Futures market)
  12. Honestly I doubt; they made money ... they will accumulate more in the following days when the herd realizes and panics and sells. However, the trading volume was not so much (2 Bln coins at the most out of which most likely 50% were bought sold and re-bought again). Just consider the distribution of XRP as of "before" and you will see that there is slightly anything distributed to the "masses". Total number of Ripple accounts on the Ripple network (XRP addresses) was around 700k, including those of the brokers, exchanges, banks, etc. etc. So .... I doubt
  13. From a trading perspective, there is only one reason alone ... whales pumping big time. There is no way in any market to have an asset growing "naturally" x4 in 3 days. What happened most likely is that those "market makers" aka brokers where accumulating XRP while it was dragging it`s feet around $0.20 then somewhere in October they started offering CFDs to their retail clients on crypto, with a leverage 1 - 2 up to 1 - 10 .... and then they waited for the perfect media storm to pump and short a bit, then pump again, short again. This way they were blowing the margins on their platforms while accumulating more on the exchanges. Don`t forget that Gatehub and Bistamp prices were way off (sometimes the Bitstamp price was double than the Gatehub one). Easy to buy on Gatehub, transfer to Bitstamp then sell. So .. there you have the perfect snow ball that lasted 3 days.
  14. As a matter of fact, during this pump of XRP for the past three days, Gatehub price was much lower than the ones on Bitstamp. So, there it was the perfect opportunity to deposit fiat into Gatehub, buy XRP (sometimes even at half price as compared to Bitstamp) then take advantage of the under-a-minute time to transfer XRP to Bitstamp and sell it with a very nice profit. This is exactly why I said a little time ago the best use for XRP is this, to transfer lightning fast funds between exchanges and that is why the Ripple company should promote / ask the exchanges to list multiple pairs with XRP, not just fiat.
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