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  1. @zerpdigger Seriously me too bro. I was thinking we would hit .15 again with the way things were moving. I think the one thing I am worried about its another crash that hurts the reputation of XRP even more. I can see the headlines now "XRP a Fraud? Suffers 80% Decline Twice in One Year" lol. I hear ya there, I tried to get in back when it was .008 but couldn't get verified fast enough...before we knew it, it was at .03 and then .10. It's crazy how fast this thing can move. This asset class is crazy! It's nice to see the positive vibes around here, been so gloomy that I stopped commentin
  2. Haven't heard this positive of a vibe from you in a while zerp. Tell me...do you think this is pure speculation that will result in a sharp correction or do you think we can maintain this kinf of volume? I'm shaking my lucky 8 ball to see what it says.
  3. Welcome and glad to have you! Good luck...you're going to need it with some of the characters on here haha.
  4. I don’t know about using it as an excuse. I do know that some tax professionals have said that since it isn’t a “bitcoin bank” you shouldn’t have to report it via the FBAR (this however could change) since no one else controls the wallet but you (ie. You can’t even reset your password unless you have the 32 character key). Honestly it’s anyones guess. I’ve had to explain stuff to the IRS on different occasions and it was always prettt easy as long as you’re not trying to do anything shady. Gatehub calls itself an online wallet so honestly there is no precedent for the government t
  5. Actually no the keys are not on the exchange. The gatehub staff have no access to your private keys and can't access your XRP at all. When you sign up they state this and stress the importance of keeping your private key safe because if you lose it you are SOL. I like to think of Gatehub as a online version of the Nano S.
  6. @Hodor Haha literally did a fist pump when I saw this pop up on my twitter feed bro! You rock, glad you are getting some props. I’ve said many times that you (and some other key members on here) are the reason I got in back in March of last year. “He also regularly shares his insights on XRP and other digital assets in a well-written and researched personal blog.” Love it! Getting a shout out from Ripple. Maybe you should apply for their marketing department. Or a remote free lance writer for them if SF isn’t your scene.
  7. "I’m confident enough to make the prediction that 2018 is going to be the “year of crypto” that makes people forget about 2017. While 2017 was the year that ordinary people might have learned about cryptocurrency, 2018 will be the year when mainstream investment happens in a big way." This right here. Bro I hope you are right. 2017 was pretty freaking awesome, hard to imagine 2018 being better. However, Ripple is really starting off the year with a bang. These guys must be professional chess players.
  8. I'll back that up, haha I remember reading it.
  9. Woah woah woah...hold up. An article written by a holder of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ether that didn’t have any misinformation or FUD in it? One can only hope that times are changing.
  10. On a totally unrelated note to the actual article, love that a picture of the Duke is the first thing you see. As always, you rock man, thanks for the insights.
  11. Yeah I live here and I'm not even sure. Even if I think that R3 is in the wrong and was completely underhanded in their business dealings that seems like and unjust legal rule.
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