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  1. I am not scared, found a nice chart.... we will head to the next ath ...
  2. Spectre / Meltdown

    Thank you for your reply @Xilobyte. I thought more in general as it will may affect the whole crypto eco system. As per my understanding in future you need 3 computers, one for surfing, one offline, and one virgin one fully updated only to assess the exchanges. Hopefully the exchanges will do their job.
  3. first and president
  4. Spectre / Meltdown

    as far as I understand someone who has the right tools can access anything you are doing on you computer.
  5. Spectre / Meltdown

    actually I believe they only made the first issues public, there are many more bugs, lets see and hope
  6. Spectre / Meltdown

    I am not sure If they know the whole issue...
  7. I am more on the conservative side, dont think it will every reach 100, sorry guys, 20 feels realistic
  8. Spectre / Meltdown

    Hi, I am not an scientist, but what I have seen until now regarding the latest CPU bugs especially the spectre bug this is really scary. I think the crypto world will be widely affected very soon. What do you think and how do you protect yourself?
  9. Kraken fiasco

    this is exactly the point^^ hope they keep all the information safe, kk meltdown, kk spectre....
  10. agree, noway to 10k, with 5-10 you should be fine, 20-30 needs a lot of speculation....
  11. maybe they have not enough inside the hotwallet? be patient
  12. Have i missed the XRP boat?

    I think we are in the beginning of 2nd phase of adoption, so jump in and wait
  13. supplies need do be considered
  14. only a realistic fan since "computing for good"
  15. where will be the correction? 1.5 / 0.9 or 0.15?