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  1. 3-5 would be great
  2. quit to trade, had always lost against the whales and bots.
  3. workerX

    Anyone else can’t wait to retire?

    same same but different
  4. workerX

    What's your number?

    your yearly spending times 35 is the key to focus
  5. predict 5$, if it hits 10 great! all above 10 speculation in my opinion
  6. I feel 5$ is fair price. it covers about 0.1% of the daily global forex trade. if we get more % the price will get higher.
  7. workerX

    Does anyone know the real answer to this....?

    good point, I think they buy directly but without permission to sell on the open market, .... just my guess
  8. its not the first crash I ve seen, just dont watch, enjoy yourself in the forest or desert or where you feel happy, come back in 30 days, have some beers and chats...
  9. just look at this and relax...
  10. I am not scared, found a nice chart.... we will head to the next ath ...
  11. workerX

    Spectre / Meltdown

    Thank you for your reply @Xilobyte. I thought more in general as it will may affect the whole crypto eco system. As per my understanding in future you need 3 computers, one for surfing, one offline, and one virgin one fully updated only to assess the exchanges. Hopefully the exchanges will do their job.
  12. first and president
  13. workerX

    Spectre / Meltdown

    as far as I understand someone who has the right tools can access anything you are doing on you computer.
  14. workerX

    Spectre / Meltdown

    actually I believe they only made the first issues public, there are many more bugs, lets see and hope