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  1. It seems you're new here, but it's highly advised not to tell how many XRP you own, even if it's a low amount. It doesn't add to the discussion and it can only compromise your own safety. Just a friendly word of advice
  2. Ah moving up again... Well if there's one thing I've learned is not to watch the price too much... Bad for my bp
  3. It has, and it started a month or 2 ago. You can't expect XRP to keep changing 6000% every 2 months. Be patient.
  4. So much this. It's getting pretty tiring to read a few threats every day saying "omg lel hodl is for fags xrp suxx im 14 and gun' be rich in 1 month"-posts. I know everybody is entitled to their own opinion etc. but IMO people need to educate themselves a bit more to understand the risks and what they are getting theirselves into...
  5. The pot calling the kettle black, right @PeteWisdom...?
  6. It sure seems so, let's just hope Trollbox stays disabled. We'll see how XRP develops the next few hours...
  7. You're not the first to post this, please search before posting a new link/question.
  8. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Of course you can be devestated, you and your wife can be in a marital crisis, you may lose it all etc, but WHY would you continue to post FUD on the forum? You'd need to sort out your priorities mate...
  9. To add: The fact that XRP is quite steady despite other cryptos are so volatile only are good signs. But of course feel free to sell if you don't want to hodl, nobody tells you to do something one way or the other, it's at your own descretion.
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