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  1. Hey folks - sorry I missed this thread, and it's probably stale by now. in any case, i had some responses, but in general i just wanted to say thanks for being frankly really quite gentlemanly. there's a cordiality in this blog that's really great, and some responses - and criticisms - were a pleasure to read. cheers, izzy http://cryptoizzy.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/some-post-goodbye-to-ripple-thoughts.html
  2. Hi all, I suspect this post won't win me many friends, but especially given the attention my original piece XRP/Valuation received, I felt obliged to share my updated thoughts. Suffice it to say here that I no longer think ripple is an interesting coin to be invested it, and in my note I briefly explain why. http://cryptoizzy.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/goodbye-to-ripple.html Best, Izzy
  3. hey there - maybe already referenced or addressed, but please feel free to check out my note https://cryptoizzy.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/xrp-valuation.html also though check out the update i just added. cheers izzy
  4. Hi guys - I've just banged out a piece on DDOS attacks which I hope you find interesting. https://cryptoizzy.blogspot.com.au/ Cheers, Izzy
  5. Hi Pete - i'm good at some things, and lousy at others. apparently, not ticking people off on the internet is not my strong suit, but i'm working on it. I meant no offense by my initial draft, and have since edited it to hopefully be more palatably received. I never thought of myself as a great trader, but i do feel like i occasionally have some insights worth sharing. At the end of the day though, i try (and tried) to be very explicit about my assumptions and analysis so people could decide for themselves.
  6. Hi Streamliner - thanks for the thoughtful response. my response (for the benefit of others here too): The growth rate of B2B cross-border transactions are (in my mind) a function of settling cross-border commercial-sized transactions, and therefore has less to do with ease of transacting as they do general super-national economic activity. (i suspect a large % of that would be simply vendor payments in any case). that ripple will make the processing easier doesn't in my mind imply a boost to such cross-border activity, as decisions about whether to engage in trade itself are typically not made with consideration for timing/costs of fund settlement. i think your view that cross-border transactions will increase perhaps exponentially is more apt in either B2C or C2C markets - as transactions that were previously too difficult to be bothered with are now increasingly engaged. the size though of the B2C and C2C cross-border payment market is many orders of magnitude smaller than the B2B market, and that's why i didn't spend any time on it in the report. (have a look at the mckinsey report i reference for relative size of that market). While including B2C and C2C cross-border transactions in the Ripple valuation would clearly add more value, by my rough math, the B2B captures well over 95% of the value in this regard (making everything else more an afterthought). At the end of the day though, as you point out, my analysis was for a floor, and whether it's B2C or C2C, incremental value IS incremental value.
  7. P.S. @NatetheSnake.. wall street typically is a den of _____. I was reluctant to even mention my background there (as i mentioned, i am no longer 'in that world', and happy to be far away) but i took the advice of a friend who suggested i at least mention it to let people know that i had some experience with numbers etc.
  8. Hey guys - Izzy here. For what it's worth, i didn't think asking for donations was gauche, but seeing the responses here, i decided to take that down. This was the first time I ever blogged anything, and in my past life, when offering analysis that had the potential to generate gains, getting paid an advisory fee was a reasonable expectation. Writing the article and doing research like this takes effort and energy after all. Regardless, i dropped that. I've gotten some nice emails and will try to bang out some of the 'pitfalls' that i allude to in the report either this weekend or sometime soon. Cheers Izzy
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