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  1. Thank you for your reminder, I have forgotten the scene when registering. When registering, I will be prompted to save the secret key. Will there be a button to download the secret key on the relevant webpage? Maybe I can find it on my old mac computer. If I find it, I will use XRP to share the joy with you
  2. God knows what I did. During the transfer in 2016, I used my old phone to take pictures of the relevant transfer process, but I don’t remember why I didn’t save the relevant important information. Maybe because the transfer was not successful, I just saved the relevant process. .
  3. Thank you for taking the time. I have been using the website to do transactions and have not used other desktop applications. In 2016, I received an email about the migration notification, but I finally gave up because of the kyc on gatehub. This website https://id.ripple.com/auth/migrate no longer provides the retrieval function, and the account, password, and email I have cannot be recovered.
  4. I haven't backed up the private key of my account. I used to operate on the website. Later, the site was relocated and it has ceased operations, and I can't retrieve my private key anymore. On this website https://id.ripple.com/auth/migrate
  5. hi This is my account situation https://bithomp.com/explorer/cnlily998 There is no private key, only the account password and email address of ripplechina Who can help find, I am willing to give 10000XRP,thx.
  6. If I lose my private key, will I never get it back, even if I remember the previous account password and email address?
  7. Hello, In 2017, I completed an account migration, but it did not succeed. I clearly know that the account number, password and email address, the website https://id.ripple.com/auth/migrate for searching for the private key is no longer in operation, have you encountered a similar situation? Is there any other recovery? Private key method? Any advice would be great Thanks
  8. Hello everyone, I registered Ripple in 2013 and did not save the relevant private key. In 2017, the account was not successfully migrated. There are still some Ripple coins in my account. I only remember the account number, password and email address. I went to the website https: //id.ripple.com/auth/migrate/ has performed the operation, but it cannot be completed, can anyone help me, thank you. Wish everyone a good day
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