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  1. Can't make an assumption on another assumption It really has to depend on the scope of the announcement. Someone running a validator probably doesn't have much to do with XRP, but if that someone is a bank / FI, and /or will implement ILP/XRP then yes. Just remember Miguel said "it is really all about payments and in this quarter, you will see some very interesting developments with respect to our partnership in payments, with respect to XRP in particular,” so it's just a matter of time (until Sept 30th, end of Q3) to see an announcement related to XRP.
  2. There is no news yet, and none of the rumors were confirmed. So we wait.
  3. Ripple Expanding into China!

    Thanks, nice find. Now if SBI Ripple can convince MoneyGram to use xRapid/XRP, then this will start a ripple effect... and Ant Financial will only simply need to adopt xRapid in order to access MoneyGram's global network, even if the purchase deal fell through. Adopting xRapid might be cheaper for Ant than to purchase the whole MoneyGram outright, and will by-pass US security concerns. MoneyGram / Western Union would be ideal customers of Ripple and will save them a ton of capital in their nostro accounts. But for now we'll just wait and see until Sept 30 who the "payment provider" would be from the Ripple announcement.
  4. Ripple Expanding into China!

    Even if Aug 13 is false, Miguel Vias's promise is that "this quarter" (Q3), there will be an announcement for "partnership in payments" That means if Miguel is a man of his word, Ripple has until September 30th (end of Q3) to make an announcement... And who's one of the partnership in payments? My guess is that it's probably MoneyGram That alone is huge.... but what about when the purchase of MoneyGram from Ant Financial is approved by CFIUS? That's why Ripple is hiring in China... they want to establish their relationship with Ant and tap into the Chinese (!!) market (trillions and trillions and trillions of daily settlements). I hope they can get good people with ties to Aligroup and the government. From the careers page (https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs/), it says: I would venture to say that could be an Ant Financial / Ripple joint venture, similar to the SBI / Ripple joint venture.... Ok, I need some air.
  5. So my question for Miguel is.... is xVia named after Vias?
  6. Ripple Expanding into China!

    Chinese Government is in cooperation with Ant Financial/Alipay.... Ant has a pending purchase of MoneyGram... SBI has an alliance with MoneyGram... Ant Financial has $200 M investment with Kakao bank... Ripple is hiring for Chinese market... WE ARE GOING TO THE FRAGGING MOON, BOYS!
  7. Actually it's almost exactly the same video as the Nov 2016 one, the only difference is the xCurrent branding. https://youtu.be/5e2jDFL1kKI IMO they should remove the 2016 one to avoid confusion.
  8. BTC went up from 2500 to 2800 while the altcoins didn't follow... This probably means that on Aug 1, BCC will be priced initially between 300 (the amount of increase of BTC) to 400 (current BCC futures price), and BTC will drop initially to 2500. I think the altcoins be volatile but will stabilize and XRP at .17, since money flowed partially from altcoins into BTC for the $300 increase. Then there will be a period of volatility where BCC owners sell their BCC, and those cash will slowly flow back into BTC and altcoins, causing XRP to rise by a small amount. What you have to watch is if BCC is an success on Aug 1 (such as getting unexpected miner support) then BTC and all altcoins (including XRP) will crash. On the other hand, even if BCC crashed on Aug 1, they still have their share of hard-core supporters, ready to pick up cheap BCC after a crash.... so BCC maybe slowly gaining popularity for several months.... How does that affect XRP? I dunno. I'd ask the 8-ball. http://www.ask8ball.net/
  9. What i'd give for 1/10th of this mans brain

    I just watched the whole thing.... And it's like I was watching a really smart guy speaking German (or pick a foreign language that you don't understand)
  10. Do a search... it's on page 77
  11. Kind of off-topic, but there is this huge disinformation and censorship campaign from the Bitcoin Core. (Ironically, their coin is called the BCC... so Bitcoin Cash can't use the BCC ticker in most of the exchanges.) You can check www.reddit.com/r/btc (not r/bitcoin) for more unbiased info about the scaling debate.
  12. Bull trap. Only BTC is rising. If BCC Futures stays up at $400 be prepared for a $400 drop for BTC and a .03 drop for XRP.
  13. Automated trading algorithms have various strategies, and what you are seeing may be different bots from different strategies. It also could be a order execution manager that tries to split a larger order into smaller ones, so as not to affect the price too much.
  14. https://www.coindesk.com/details-emerge-on-monetary-authority-of-singapore-plan-for-blockchain/ Doesn't Ripple have an opportunity here, instead of the central banks issuing their own tokens, they can use ILP / XRP to settle?