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  1. Instant buy doesn't mean they're using Ripple / XRP... It could be just a credit and no withdrawal until the fiat deposit is cleared / settled. Gemini does this too, you can instantly buy crypto with your fiat, but you cannot withdraw until your fiat clears in 4-5 days.
  2. Whats going on?

    Seems like JPM and China wants to put their money into crypto
  3. The fact that Miguel said "this quarter" and not "soon" or "2017" means a XRP news should be announced before 9/30. Otherwise Miguel (and by extension Ripple) would lose credibility, and this would put a doubt on people's opinion of the Ripple team. I don't think they dare doing this and risk their reputation which affects customer relations.
  4. Google "XRP Hodor blog" every day

    You know this doesn't improve rankings in terms of SEO on Google, but it does improve the "quick suggest" (if you type XRP, the suggested search terms of "XRP Hodor Blog" will be higher up.) It needs a coordinated effort from different IP's in different time zones, and you need to search using the term "XRP Hodor Blog" consistently (a few times a day) over a couple of months to start having an effect. Edit: after you search, click through to Hodor blog on the link in Google search results.
  5. What I fear is Ant Financial inventing a bootleged version of Ripple / XRP just like they did with NEO copying ETH... Jack Ma and his team is a force to be reckoned with, if not more superior than Ripple's team.
  6. BOOM

    考察而已, 不用紧张 (it's only a survey team, no decisions yet) Ripple is a fintech company supported by Blockchain technology, providing cross-border payment services to commercial bank. The company CTO (must be joelkatz ) and head of governance (?) introduced Ripple's understanding and vision for payments, the technical frameworks of the system, and the current work and developments. The (Chinese) survey team asked questions and provided their own opinions regarding the cost of cross-border payments, competitor's products and how to work with traditional FI's.
  7. This is from page 54 of the report. Seems like Fed wants Ripple to have worldwide adoption NOW
  8. BTC use case is a bit different from XRP... So IMO the increased tx cost will have little impact to XRP price unless Ripple decides to have a retail use case for XRP... But the high BTC tx cost may have caused some short term altcoin pumps (Monero and LTC recently, and possibly an ETH or BCH pump forth-coming). You may need to also read r/btc to get a balanced picture... BTC is not really under "attack" for the Nov deadline, it's the NY Agreement / Segwit2x. If it were not for Segwit2x they would not even get Segwit... Bitcoin Cash's (BCH) EDA is designed to handle initial difficulty adjustment, but BTC's high tx costs are not caused by EDA, it's really caused by some selfish people trying to keep the small block (1mb) and therefore the tx fees high (and ultimately destroys BTC. Bitcoin Core people don't own BTC's). So long term BTC will probably lose market dominance. Too much politics stymies innovation.
  9. 3...2... What's #1?

    "1 coin to rule them all: XRP"
  10. Can't make an assumption on another assumption It really has to depend on the scope of the announcement. Someone running a validator probably doesn't have much to do with XRP, but if that someone is a bank / FI, and /or will implement ILP/XRP then yes. Just remember Miguel said "it is really all about payments and in this quarter, you will see some very interesting developments with respect to our partnership in payments, with respect to XRP in particular,” so it's just a matter of time (until Sept 30th, end of Q3) to see an announcement related to XRP.
  11. There is no news yet, and none of the rumors were confirmed. So we wait.
  12. Ripple Expanding into China!

    Thanks, nice find. Now if SBI Ripple can convince MoneyGram to use xRapid/XRP, then this will start a ripple effect... and Ant Financial will only simply need to adopt xRapid in order to access MoneyGram's global network, even if the purchase deal fell through. Adopting xRapid might be cheaper for Ant than to purchase the whole MoneyGram outright, and will by-pass US security concerns. MoneyGram / Western Union would be ideal customers of Ripple and will save them a ton of capital in their nostro accounts. But for now we'll just wait and see until Sept 30 who the "payment provider" would be from the Ripple announcement.
  13. 我开发了一个Ripple本地钱包

  14. Ripple Expanding into China!

    Even if Aug 13 is false, Miguel Vias's promise is that "this quarter" (Q3), there will be an announcement for "partnership in payments" That means if Miguel is a man of his word, Ripple has until September 30th (end of Q3) to make an announcement... And who's one of the partnership in payments? My guess is that it's probably MoneyGram That alone is huge.... but what about when the purchase of MoneyGram from Ant Financial is approved by CFIUS? That's why Ripple is hiring in China... they want to establish their relationship with Ant and tap into the Chinese (!!) market (trillions and trillions and trillions of daily settlements). I hope they can get good people with ties to Aligroup and the government. From the careers page (https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs/), it says: I would venture to say that could be an Ant Financial / Ripple joint venture, similar to the SBI / Ripple joint venture.... Ok, I need some air.
  15. So my question for Miguel is.... is xVia named after Vias?