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  1. Connect to gatehub fifth gateway(BTC IOU issuer), move BTC (as btc) to ripple wallet, sell btc for XRP on trade/exchange.
  2. the XAU from coinmarketcap isn't XAU from gatehub. XAU from gatehub is actually GOLD. http://blog.gatehub.net/post/151340572932/bpg-launches-xau-trading-on-ripple
  3. Which mail provider are you using? There are many email provides which block gatehub's mails without any notice, so you might have to ask if they can change your login mail. But for now, wait a day, there are some reports about being unable to login, so it might be just service problem. ( Gmail, Yahoo works) If it doesn't work tomorrow - contact support.
  4. Ok, you currently hold XRP. On the right you have the BUY XRP / SELL XRP options. Select one, preferably SELL XRP. Now, input the PRICE (Green or Red) in the middle. Then input the top or bottom variant ( the other will automaticaly write itself). The system is: BIDS/ASKS, if both are at the same value(price) they are resolved. The thing you calculated is wrong. XAU/XRP = 220, XRP/XAU = 0.00454 Hope this clears up something.
  5. Kraken isn't a ripple network exchange ( though like Polo, they do accept deposits via ripple) so personally I'd stick with gatehub (hosted wallet). Anyhow for longterm storage it's better to go with something that isn't an exchange I guess.
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