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  1. We need to get Valve & steam to adopt XRP for deposits. Thats the real goal.
  2. Since you're mostly price focused and you already know when to dump both... Why bother with anything else?
  3. XRP has 25% chance of success. Stellar has 1%. Enjoy the odds.
  4. $6k is broken already.... only question... how many more times.... I'd rather we bottom on $1200 quickly than keep fighting for $4800 a few times...
  5. Correlation to BTC means you'll get rekt. Learn from your mistake.
  6. XRPL's decentralized exchange got some nice promotion! 5:51 - 6:25
  7. XRP isn't as manipulated as btc is, but the correlation in price is strong. I'd say we'll see btc at $4800ish soon enough.... We won't see any relevant pumps untill btc is at a stable level with good support. If you haven't sold in dec. or early jan., don't bother doing so now... too risky.
  8. No & wrong. While this ''invest'' fallacy is quite common; unless you've been buying shares in companies who use the xrp ledger, you're not ''investing'' anything. Nice straw-man though.
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