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  1. It's time to fall 6 feet deep so it can rise from the dead...then regular people like me can buy with no worry......xrp ...btc...it doesn't matter...let'em fall
  2. Ripple is XRP so Stellar is Lumens....big difference...not dollar 4 dollar....Stellar had a rocket launcher before so i don't know what happened to it.
  3. And then what? Y'all gonna take profit in fiat so what's the point of holding crypto?
  4. I think that their business model is Top-Down ....not Bottom-Up approach so they need to be in the money not at the money
  5. I think it's time to drop back to 05...it has no purpose yet to be that high.... #justsaying
  6. This was a well-discussed topic at that old xrptalk site...i don't worry about it, the ocean is big for all us
  7. I am actually going thru the same thing...i emailed those guys..not even crickets..dead silence...no reponse whatsoever...more than 5k...got me worried a lot.
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