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  1. Hey DjemDiamond, I have my coins in cfinex. However, I have attempted to send 10 coins to my casino wallet with no luck. I guess I am not finding an address. I created a paper wallet. I could not copy and paste an address. I have a red x next to my account. My question is can you explain how to transfer coins from cfinex to casino coin-wallet. Thanks
  2. NO NO NO!!! NOT FUD!!!! Ripple has a plan!!! We all believe that they are doing a stupendous job with the company. If you don't believe that, SELL!!!
  3. I work in the medical field. Besides 401k , I have never invested in anything, besides my family. So for me to answer this question in any technical sense, won't happen. It just seems odd that all these other ********, no nonsense coins, that have absolutely NO POTENTIAL are higher then Ripple. Ripple's 24 hour volume is about 95 million. With all that influx of money and literally no increase or decrease of value, that seems strange. While Joe blow coin over here has a 24 hour volume of 5 million, that moves the price drastically/in either direction. I will not claim to understand crypto or stocks in any way. I just wanted lightning to strike again from my first comment!! I am truly thankful to this chat room for all its information!! Hodor, keep inspiring the group and all will be well with the world!!!! If you need to discuss any medical problems on this site i will happily oblige. HODL, no dip, HODL!!!!
  4. Well, I said I wouldn't write another post. However, last time i discussed price being stuck in the range between .19-.22. Shortly after it went on a 2 day bull run!!! So I am speaking out again . With all the buying and selling that goes on with XRP its amazing how it has been stuck on .29 for approximately a week. There has to be a master plan by Ripple!!! So we are ready for another bull run. GO!!!!!!
  5. First and foremost I want to thank HODOR!!! You my friend are the main reason I HODL!!!!!! You are always positive, full of great information and are literally the one person that prevented me from selling my XRP!!!! I love this chat room and have been monitoring it every day, several times a day since January of this year. There are a lot of positive XRP personnel on this site and you know who you are!!! Thanks to you guys as well. Now my question. Since the drop from the heavens of $0.42. There has been this magical number of $0.22!!!! It would fluctuate between .21-.23 but for most part, very stable at the .22 mark. Last night when everyone thought we were declining and preparing ourselves to purchase more XRP . Suddenly, it jumps three cents in an instant back to its home at $0.22. I have read in this chat room that Ripple would like to keep the price stable for the bankers. Could it be that Ripple is keeping the price at .22 (way under valued in my opinion) for stability and for the banks!!! So when the banks are all on Ripple they can purchase XRP at a lower rate? Then the spike in price will happen!! Thoughts on ripple keeping price down until all banks or majority of banks are on board. I am a reader and not a writer!! This will be my only comment . Keep up the great topics. HODL, dip, buy, HODL!!!!!
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