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  1. For the long term investors that don't care to day trade .. good luck.. see you in the future [emoji1303]
  2. Quite my FUD .... far out.. I'm sorry I forgot you can se the future... by the time the price increases I would have made 10x the investment of sitting in XRP.. by buying and selling a few times.. and when I buy back in.. even at 40c 60c or even a $1 .. I'll still have more than 2x my previous holdings , so don't tell me I'm a **** investor. And I'm not a FUD i also read and research
  3. I hope it hits $40 a coin and you make 8000% ... and at some point in there I will buy back in and make some money too.. but try and look at things objectively
  4. That's the problem with XRP .. people like you that treat it like the holy grail.. it might be no 1 some day, but you need to learn where to put money and when.. and telling me not to get back in just shows how immature you look at making money.. XRP isn't your baby , but you treat it like it is... sad
  5. And I hardly call investing in top 15 cryptos penny stocks and gambles.. of it wasn't for the 60billion coins xrp made they wouldn't even touch to 50
  6. Hodl doesn't = XRP is great .. and it doesn't mean you know how to invest either
  7. Well I sold out at 24c before the plunge .. I'm happy making 20-30 % on a fluctuating market .. you hodl to your 18c stagnant while I make 100% over a month and you make 2% on your hodl ... you learn to invest mate
  8. I was invested in XRP until it just stalled .. I would love to find out it's got growth potential back in it
  9. I like Ripple , all I was saying is until XRP becomes essential, do t expect much.. but all the fan boys want to come out with pitch forks
  10. Hence why Ripple has failed to lift above 20c since the crash and all other currencies are flourishing
  11. The transfer of international funds via varying currency both fiat and crypto via the ripple platform does not require XRP to complete ... your the issue you fan boy
  12. Banks don't need XRP .. only ripple services ... that's the issue, of they decide to use it too, different kettle of fish
  13. Ok .. so if your not wrong ... you must be omniscient.. which means you must be a multi millionaire with 100% gains per year and no losses against your perfect record .. Don't be an *** and assume to know all, or prove it by being the next bill gates. I'm not saying there was a guarantee the model would of been a success, I just liked the out of box thinking and provided the creators are legitimate there is no reason to think it might not make money... Not EVERYONE is a dodgy ICO coin grabber.. not everything is a scam, some people like being honest, unlike you that claims to know all..
  14. See that's where I think your wrong, the global market is shifting to blockchain and people involved in these diverse markets are using ICO's to establish new corporate business. It can't all be about blockchains increasing transaction speeds etc... there's maybe space for 2-3 coins for that to atleast have a non monopolist situation , the rest will be.. tattslotto, sports bet, casino, ****, gaming, etc but also other markets in minerals , exploration, foods etc . I think while this office space idea won't be a 10000% gain in a month situation, long term I think there solid
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