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  1. The launch of live xrp usage of 100 members at the same time..3...2...1....BAHMMMMM
  2. What? I don't are anything special. Just around .25 / .26 as last days.
  3. There is just so much speculation around that my believe is that whatever will be anounced at Swell, it's already priced in. Even if they take-over Swift. XRP wil drop back to .18 the moment Swell is over. It will rise the months after, but steady and very slowely. Sorry guys. Just get serious.
  4. Guys keep calm. It's like Mc Donald's sold its first hamburger. Nothing to worry about.
  5. Guys relax. It's just following BTC. Or am I missing something big?
  6. It's simple. Don't you see it? Back in september 2016 Ripple CEO didn't think/expect XRP to be worth more than $0,0085 as late as september 2019... I'm out.
  7. Yes, but why would anybody search for 'swift' in Google. It's so common that nobody searches on Google for 'swift'. It's probably one of the lowest searchquery volume on earth.
  8. But. I don't think banks are going to do more transactions that absolutely necessary. It's not going to be like paper-mail to e-mail just because it's going to be cheaper and quicker.
  9. Yes. Two examples (proves) on that page of banks actually using XRP. But it didn't do anything for the price...we didn't even notice any volume spike... ?
  10. And bought for $ 0.003? ?. You must be a hedge fund manager!
  11. Everybody here seems to think that somewhere this year or the next, one or two banks will announce using XRP. I think that isn't possible. Simply because if bank A wants to transfer XRP to bank B...this other bank needs to be on the RippleNet as well. So in my opinion there will be no banks announcing to use Ripple (or XRP) the coming years OR a LOT OF BANKS will be announcing to start using XRP all at the same time. Simple said: Almost all banks need to use Ripple before anything can really happen. Or am I wrong?
  12. Really? One tweet about a simple meeting with the Chinese can do this?
  13. Question: How come everybody is thinking an equivalent of XRP $-worth is needed to transfer the same amount of $? I think it's not 100% sure one needs 1$ of XRP's to send 1$ with Ripplenet. It might be the case that banks only need a fraction of the amount they want to send. So only 0,0003$ XRP's to transfer (let's say) $ 3000,000,- Any evidence I'm wrong?
  14. Yes, SBI is already transferring with XRP for months now, but everybody thinks it still hasn't begun. There's not going to be an announcement that SBI has gone live because they already are. Most smart people know this already for months.
  15. I tried to tell you guys...it's just a conference with great speakers about finance and blockchain. And it is exactly that.
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