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  1. And nothing WILL happen. It's not xrp from the market that is being locked up. Relax and Just wait a view years.
  2. Aaaannnnnddddd..... 1. Nothing 2. Really 3. Happenned
  3. Ok. He just stated in a lot of words NO ANNOUNCEMENT well be given this conference. Also stated that XRP won't go to the moon the next 1 - 2 years. Start crying boys XDXDXD
  4. When he's reaching out on Twitter to answer questions it's a 100% sure there is NOT going to be a massive announcement. Otherwise he wouldn't need to reach out on Twitter :-S
  5. Whaaahaha yeah because xrp is STILL worth Just a few cents
  6. Not that bad. He is not going to bring any big announcement. He'll Just be telling how awesome Internet opportunities are.
  7. Guys WAKE-UP. There is not going to be a live -changing announcement. They are Just networking and switching business cards.
  8. The launch of live xrp usage of 100 members at the same time..3...2...1....BAHMMMMM
  9. What? I don't are anything special. Just around .25 / .26 as last days.
  10. There is just so much speculation around that my believe is that whatever will be anounced at Swell, it's already priced in. Even if they take-over Swift. XRP wil drop back to .18 the moment Swell is over. It will rise the months after, but steady and very slowely. Sorry guys. Just get serious.
  11. Guys keep calm. It's like Mc Donald's sold its first hamburger. Nothing to worry about.
  12. Guys relax. It's just following BTC. Or am I missing something big?
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