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  1. Has already been in Q4 - Bill Gates en Melinda - Amex Nothing this year anymore.
  2. No. They have already been announced (two Household names) 1. Bill and Melinda 2. Amex Wake-Up.
  3. Guys. Isn't it just over for the next six months? Ripple wants price stability, so they'll keep the price steady for months and "unleash" it every 6 months. This way they can present a stable coin to banks saying: "Look how stable it is. It only changes twice a year". Mark my words. Nothing's really gonna happen till may 2018... how surprising... exactly one year after....
  4. And its proof that large buys don't do anything with price LOL
  5. Then why does this not happen at Bitcoin, bitcoinLite or Ethereum...they all rise.
  6. Don't worry my friends! Any good news makes XRP go ...... D O W N [swell] ... Nothing really happened [Amex] ... Nothing really happened [Michael ... Arrington Fund] Nothing really happened [Escrow] ... Nothing really happened [SBIRippleAsia's production ready] ... Nothing really happened [GMO exchange] ... Nothing really happened
  7. If they will. They might never... and when... it might take years...
  8. This is no FUD, but I am FUDDING myself a little.. We've had so many many many good news, partnership announcements, banks going live, many banks boarding and even Bill Gates foundation and.... the price didn't really go up since May this year. Actually it went down...(may is 7 months ago!) at the other end IOTA and Stellar both got ONE partnership announcement and BOOMMMMMM the moon like Apollo! Ripple has confirmed they do keep price low to board more banks and financial institutions. That's why the price keeps coming back everytime. For example after The Bill Gates foundation and the AMEX announcement....it just doesn't really influence the price. We should not be waiting till another bank goes live with xrp, or another fi is on board....or the Escrow (isn't going to affect price, trust me) We should wait untill Ripple releases the price ceiling finally and let go the price stabilisation. Or am I missing something?
  9. Hahahahaha aaaaannnnnnddddd nothing really happenned ?
  10. Hahahahaha aaaaannnnnnddddd nothing really happenned ?
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