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  1. I think the whole 2019 is going to be a bear market.
  2. It's nothing. Only if (iF!) a cliƫnt of R3 WANTS tot use XRP it will use XRP. And we all know that's not going to happen.
  3. No Bakkt No Moneygram No Western Union No Amex No BoA No Swift No TIPS No Temenos No SAP No SBI No ETF No Amazon No Google No nothing So aaaalllllllllllllllll these rumours where false? It's almost funny.... Can't believe it. Hope for 2019!
  4. Seems like a lot of people still expect a bullrun before eoy. I don't see that happening because: - XRapid is already live. No more news before eoy - Still attached to BTC - Bakkt and ETF won't be active before eoy. - All Swift, Amazon, GooglePay, Temenos, Bearableguy and RippleRiddler rumours where...well Just rumours. - SBI, and other large FI's ... No news to be expected. So WHAT miracle do you think will happen before eoy?
  5. Few things in life are 100% sure: - You get born - You have to pay taxes - XRP dumps after every pump - You Die - HODL!
  6. Please zoom out to one year. This rise was absolutely of no importance.
  7. If not, if never... there's no point of waiting for 'FI's' entering the market...
  8. If FI's would really think this (last weeks) is the lowest it 'll get, they would jump in... they don't, so prepare for an other bearperiod next couple of months.
  9. - No big announcements - No new XRapid users - No BTC ETF approval - No institutional money entering - No retailinvestors entering - No more volume I'd say: $ 0,55 at best.
  10. I think the BTC ETF's won't be approved this year. They have been declined/postponed over and over again. With the rejection of another ETF this december, BTC will go down again. Also the "XRapid is live" announcement has already taken place, and it did almost nothing. Thereby some FI are using XRapid, but the volume on exchanges has not gone up. More down. I think there is very very very little hope for a significant pricerally of XRP this year... And bearableguy story is pure kidsplay nonsence.
  11. It's not going to happen this year. Sorry.... Total full 100% despair ???
  12. Again. Like last year. There is going to be no announcements about XRP guys. It's a network event like all other big coins have. It never moons the price. Keep Calm.
  13. There is not going to be any announcements about XRP just like last year. Nothing.
  14. No, this is whats going to happen: Coming weekend the price will rise a little and also during the beginning of Swell. Then on the second day of Swell Brad will suddenly come on stage with his bear-suit on. He will be pointing at his 9th tooth while he runs towards a large red button. He grabs his XRP magic wand and slams the button. The stage is going to be filled with a golden shower of garlands while Brad screams: "Five Eight Nine! Five Eight Nine! Five Eight Nine! Five Eight Nine! " At this point Christine Legarde will come up the stage and starts singing the national anthem of Europe. ... and thats it... price will blow UP. - Hope so -
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